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Defination: What is teacher Self Analysis?. P. W Airasian and A. Gullickson (2012) defines it as the process of making judgements about the appropriateness or effectiveness of one's own knowledge, performance, beliefs, products and effects, so that they can be improved or redifined. This therefore mean the teacher will be analyzing the effectiveness of his/ her work in general. By his or her work l mean analyizing the perfomance of the students, the course materials and resources used in the learning environment. Who do the teacher self analysis? Teacher analyis can be done by a number of people. It can be done either by students ( that process when the whole class is given questionnaires to answer, concerning the performance of their teacher in the classroom), other teachers or the principal can also analyse another teachers performance. But, when it comes to teacher self analysis, this has to do with introspection, self realization and self discovery. In this case the teacher will be questioning their ideas and practices. This helps in improving a teacher's way of doing things in the sense that if the teacher realizes, there is a problem with maybe their voice projection or the material being used. It means the error observed will never be repeated again in the classroom instead ways to rectify and improve the situation will be implemented. What is analysed? When one talk about teacher self analysis, it mean everything surronding the teacher is being analyzed. For instance children's seating arrangements, materials used in the classroom, activities done in the classroom, the students response to the lesson and the way a teacher convey the information to the student. How Does it helps in the learning environment? According to this paper, teacher self evaluation plays a crucial role in the learning environment, although they may be weaknesses surrounding this practice. Below are some of the premises which makes one conclude that teacher self analysis plays a very crucial role in the learning environment. This practice helps the teacher to evaluate his or her own skill gaps and tracking own progress. This mean that if one observes that they did not make much progress, measures will be taken so that the next time progress is made. An analysis as to why progress was not made will be done such that next time the same mistake will not be repeated. Airasian and Gullickson stated that, this self assessment consist of problem identification, information gathering ( analysis of practice), interpretation, reflection and decision making. Hence, teacher self analysis is important in the learning environment as the goal is to make progress in the learning environment. To add on, to some extent a lesson plan is part of a teacher self analysis, based on its structure. This is because, it is a draft that the teacher make on how they are going to handle a particular lesson. Basically It consist of a goal, measures to make sure the goal is reached( activities for a particular lesson, materials to use), anticipated problems that the teacher may face etc. So, If there is an unexpected outcome or if the goal or objectives are not met, the teacher will then analyse all the activities that progressed in the lesson to find the route cause for the unexpected outcome. This all shows that teacher self analysis is important as it seek to improve a teacher's teaching methodology which is a good thing in the learning environment. Teacher self analysis is important, because corrections and improvements are done on a daily basis for the betterment of the learning environment. It makes teachers realize their mistakes and makes them do an analysis after each and every lesson. To add on, teacher self analysis has to do with problem identification which is a good thing, because when one identifies a problem, solutions can be easily found and implemented. Also, if someone always analyse their work, that person always improve and produce best results. So in conclusion, teacher self analysis helps a lot in the learning environment. However, sometimes it all depends with the type of a teacher. As P.W Airason & A. Gullickson (2012) stated, "in this practice the data is interpreted and judged by the teacher, which therefore mean that it is up to the teacher's willingness to assume responsibility for his/ her practice". But to a greater extent it helps in the learning environment because usually teachers are in control of the lesson and students looks up to them as their role models. So if the role model always do something in their best to perfect their teaching methods it results in a health learning environment. In conclusion, teacher self analysis plays a pivotal role in the learning environment.