Teach English in Yuanzhongchang - Tongliao Shi

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English has become one of the most important language for everyone around the world. It helps foresting global and regional intergration. More and more individuals are spending times and money to learn English. But one question keeps wondering me that should students make friends in the classroom to learn English better? I think each student should make friends because of these reasons: Firstly, like each and every new student in the world who knows the existence of English for the first time, they’ll find it very difficult to get use to. And what better experience than learning English with friends, who they will spend time together for the rest of the course. Also in common, people need to communicate to survive, don’t you think? Secondly, learning English with friends will create a very cheerful and active atmosphere. Do you know why? It’s simple. Imagine that you are a new student who’s just attended the class today, and all the awkward and embarrassed felling are up there. But if you occasionally makes friends after one day or one week, all of the sudden, you will not also help yourself but help the others classmate as well. For one simple fact that, friendliness will be created and the class’s atmosphere will be happier. Thirdly, the classmates can help each other. For example, the teacher is ready to teach us a new lession. During that lession, some parts of the lession may hardly to understand completely and you are so embarrassed to ask the teacher because you afraid that some of the classmates may laugh at you. But if you are sitting next to your friends and you ask them, they will happily help you understanding that lession. At the end of the lession, you may ask them to have coffee and discuss about the lession. That’s where teamwork is created. Last but not least, making friends in the English class will gain more confidence in you. I believe each and every single one of you will say: “Oh my Lord, English is so difficult!” for the first time. But in time, when you willingly open your mind and start making friends, you will find out that English is not as difficult as you think. Because English is like Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean and many more… are language, and you cannot improve language skills if you’re just learning by yourself. You need somebody to practice with. And if you can achieve your goal that is to learn English, you’ll be thankful that you have friends who can help you in need. Besides, which path is easier? The going-alone path or side-by-side path with friends? That’s the question that you can easily answer. In a conclustion, learning English likes a marathon. You cannot hope that you just need one or two months and you can speak English like a native speaker. But if you can learn English with someone else, with friends, especially best friends in class, I’m very confidence that you’ll find English is very easy and interesting.