Teach English in Yuliangbao Zhen - Tongliao Shi

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The profession of a teacher implies certain inherent qualities necessary when choosing this profession. Let's list them and analyze them in more detail. - The desire to transfer knowledge; - The ability to transfer knowledge; - Patience and perseverance; - A positive outlook on life; - Active life position. The desire to transfer knowledge is the very essence of this profession. People who understand how important knowledge and information are in the modern world primarily try to share it. This is how global communities are built (for example, the global community of programmers is quite loyal to any beginners and try to teach them as far as possible) expanding the availability of knowledge and the amount of information and skills transferred. And an English teacher should be part of such a community who tries to convey this universal language that is spoken in almost any country in the world. The ability to transfer knowledge is a talent, for someone innate, for someone acquired with experience, necessary for the successful conduct of classes. Depending on the personality of the teacher, his teaching method is also being built, because what works great for a chatty extrovert is not suitable for a closed introvert and vice versa. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can increase the effectiveness of your classes at times, thereby increasing the amount of information that students learn and making the lesson interesting, encouraging students to learn more and more hard. You can learn all this yourself, or use the advantages of the modern world and study the materials of the community of teachers who have come the same way to you. Patience and perseverance - success in any business is often ensured by precisely these qualities. It is necessary to show patience when the students do something that does not work out from time to time and perseverance, push them to try to do again what did not work out. Persistent teachers who do not leave behind students are always appreciated not only by the students themselves, but also by the educational institution where the teacher works. Also, patience and perseverance are necessary because most teachers face moral burnout associated with the emotional burden of the profession. Perseverance to continue what you like, despite the difficult periods, and patience in overcoming temporary difficulties necessary qualities for people in a foreign country. After all, often they are there for a long time without the support of loved ones and friends who are far away that they miss. Active life position - The greater the life experience of a teacher and the higher his activity, the easier it is for him to make his classes interesting and rich. Active people try to make as many acquaintances as possible, which increases their communication skills and eliminates the fear of first meetings. Multiple hobbies and travel experience - this is the experience you can rely on when choosing topics in order to get rid of awkward silence and interest students. A good example is always contagious, if the teacher shows students how knowledge of English has helped him through life by personal example, the probability of interest in the class in learning this language will increase significantly. These personal qualities are not the only ones; the list for each person will always be different. Often, to answer such questions, you should look at the question from the other side. To answer this question, I looked at the teacher from the students whom he will teach.