Teach English in Yuxin Zhen - Tongliao Shi

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Throughout our lives we have encountered many teachers as their student. This course prepared me to see it from the other side, giving me new knowledge on many successful methods that teachers employ regularly. Teaching English seemed like a daunting task at first, however the lessons this course has offered to me have given me the skills necessary to accomplish my goal. Before this course, I never put much thought into the systems and practices that teachers use in the classroom. Now however, I feel confident in my newly acquired knowledge and am eager to use it. One of the first things a teacher will have to take care of in a classroom is the organization of the classroom itself. Depending on the size of the class, age of the students, and even English proficiency level, the teacher will want to maintain a different structure, and find one that works best. Additionally, the teacher will want to use their first introductions with their class as a chance to build a rapport with the students. Thinking back of my own time as a student, it was certainly important that the teacher was able to command the students’ respect, attention, and trust. The most successful teachers were always able to mitigate most problems before they started and knew how to address problems when they began. The most important lesson to me was the initial explanation of the Engage, Study, Activate phases. The course explains that the ESA method is perfect for planning lessons. Following it you are able to get the students’ interest, give them new English knowledge, and then allow them to use the knowledge given in a more practical way, ensuring that the material was properly learned by the students. The ESA method is also easily adaptable, as students with a higher proficiency will be able to keep up with a more advanced lesson plan. It is the responsibility of the teacher to create and maintain an environment that is conducive to learning. A good teacher will be able to ensure that the whole class participates, and that anyone struggling with course work is able to catch up to the rest of the class. A teacher should never punish their students for making mistakes or not knowing the answers to a question. Continuing that same idea, a teacher should always offer positive encouragement and maintain the students’ willingness to learn. By building a good rapport with your class, through showing a clear interest in your desire to see them succeed, you will be able to teach more efficiently. In the classroom, it is important to give your students as much exposure to English as possible. From giving instructions to sparking a class discussion on the lesson, we should always stress the use of English and avoid the students’ original language. Students of all proficiency levels should get in the habit of hearing English, speaking it, and writing it. Especially when speaking amongst themselves, the class should be utilizing what English they do know as much as possible. Maintaining an English only rule in the classroom ensures that while they are there, they are gaining English knowledge and actively practicing it. Another lesson I learned was the need for adaptability. You can go into a classroom with the plan of the day fully mapped out but it means nothing if it doesn’t work with your class. If they are unresponsive to the way you are trying to teach them, even if it worked for another class, you will need to adapt your methods to suit them. The point of being a teacher is to teach the students, so you cannot be a good teacher if they are not getting a good education out of your class. To add to that, not responding to your students’ needs will make them distrust your abilities as a teacher and make them lose motivation to learn English. A successful teacher will be able to keep the class motivated and eager to learn, no matter the circumstance. In closing, this course gave me the knowledge I need to be a successful English teacher. I know how to organize a classroom to suit my needs, formulate and carry out a successful lesson plan, create an environment that fosters learning, ensure that the students have a heavy exposure to English, and adapt to the needs of my students. I am able to walk away from this course confident with the knowledge I have gained, because I know that I have learned a great many things from the lessons provided.