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WHY COMPLETE A TEFL COURSE It was not until I was looking at the list of possible topics for this Summative Task that I realized how much I had learned from the two ITTT courses that I have just completed. After giving some more thought to the courses and the topic I have selected above, I will try to summarize the benefits for me, and I predict for others to follow. Four thoughts or broad categories of the benefits of the courses come to mind that I will discuss below. They are not in any particular order as I believe it is the combination of all of them that will produce the most future personal returns for me. I believe now that what I have learned from these courses will help me in my work, whether or not I am teaching English in a foreign country. Organization The lessons were presented in an organized way that brought all of the components of the English language together in a short time frame suitable for someone working full time or with other responsibilities. The way the course was offered has, therefore, caused me to reorganize the material more suitably for my personal use. The notes for the courses will provide a convenient resource for personal writing and speaking. Personal skills assessment and skills inventory The format used in these courses for teaching and testing provided a very efficient method for me to identify my strengths and weaknesses in the rules of use the English language. Unfortunately for me, I discovered that I had forgotten most of the rules for using my native language but of interest for me was that despite that weakness, I seem to apply most of those rules correctly unconsciously. I found that the review of the rules of English grammar was very worthwhile. I had some difficulty with identifying the parts of speech, especially the Tenses. My last formal English class was as a freshman in college. I have had to write many papers and make numerous oral presentations since but somehow forgot the rules of speech. Nevertheless, until I took these ITTT courses, I was sublimely unaware of my shortcomings. What I know now vs. what I thought I knew Today I have a much better understanding of the English language and its rules and have a handy resource available from the course notes for review when needed. In retrospect, I realize how little I retained from my early education of, and the appropriate use of, the rules and application of the English language. If ignorance is bliss then I have been genuinely thrilled. Teaching skills I have been fortunate to have enjoyed teaching in many different environments and to different age and ethnic groups. Looking back today, I believe I managed those assignments mostly by following the examples of those who had taught and mentored me. I had the benefit of being provided a syllabus for the classes at the university where I taught. I rewrote the syllabus many times to update and make it more responsive to the current student's interests and needs. I have learned in the lessons the need for making such changes but did not appreciate the reasons for doing so. I realize today that I would have been a much better teacher then if had I the benefit of taking the ITTT courses before. I also want to emphasize that I believe taking the two courses (120-hour and the CTBE) was most important for my personal goals and needs. While I suppose the 120-hour course is a stand-alone, I think the CTBE program reinforces what was presented in the first course and adds to the valu