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It is a well known fact that the English language has a big importance nowadays. According to Ethnologue, publication about the languages in the world by SIL intl., the English has place between the three most spoken languages with more than one thousand million speakers of whose, four hundred millions are native speakers and more than six hundred million have English as second language, therefore represents a very important communication channel worldwide. Evolving with the years, became one of the most necessary tools to comprehend the daily world scene so as in matter of education, economy, and areas such as culture and sports among many others. However, in a world changing continuously making of everyday a new challenge, the English language plays an important role and the future is attached to it, from films and music we enjoy in our leisure time to the instructions of technological devices or the requirements for a potential job opportunity. This is how students, projecting their careers can be influenced by the English language. In educational matter is essential to implement English at early ages to make students get used to it due to its communicational properties and usage for future stages. Schools, universities and educational academies in a big amount of countries have chosen English as an obligational subject linking future careers to this language In Uruguay, south America (country where I come from) the English language is included in high schools from first to last grade between the regular subjects creating continuity which in some cases starts during the primary school, where the young learners have the opportunity to get in contact with the new language at very early ages. Every passing day there are more primary schools adopting this position, this early relationship side by side with the regular educational process makes the English language more accessible and necessary to face studies at next levels. As proof of how influenced is the educational process by the English language around the world, we find out that the biggest part of the studies and scientific texts are written in English, making the studying of original texts as authentic materials, more useful than the material processed and influenced by a translator of any kind. Afterwards the whole study process, whether as employees or entrepreneurs the projected goals of our careers change for a living, we begin to contact different sources related with the market and it does not take long to realize that those have direct relationship with the English language. Instructions, systems, technological devices, contracts, laws and legislation, international relationships, a big communication channel created by this language. The world economical forum estimate more than one thousand million of English speakers and that more than eighty percent of the global companies require English language to their employees. Consequently, technology and informatics, strictly linked to the business nowadays turned out to have specialized tech vocabulary in English and due to this reality, many jobs require English knowledge as essential automatically leading us to another reality: having good English language management will provide more and better job opportunities with better salaries. Employees capable of managing English properly in pro of the firm will give not just an international image to it, helping to create business connections with other countries but making the difference closing contracts when parts involved are from different nations and therefore use English as common language, reason why companies are forced to be more concerned about this aspect nowadays. Different certifications qualify specialized English for business such as BEC(Business English Certificate) and BULATS(Business Language Testing Service) linking language-profession and at the same time offering to the companies safe methods to introduce qualified staff into their teams. On the other hand, outstanding students for particular skills or physical abilities may decide to project their careers in a different way, heading to the sports wide world. Same way as previous mentioned areas, English and sports have a pretty close relation as can be seen in sport encounters across borders and foreigners participating in other nations leagues, examples in which the line of communication is also the English language. Sports also have some sort of specialized language which many times comes from the English. Football, basketball, and plenty of others from a long list have names and technicalities expressed in this language. As to the new generations, non-traditional sports grew up with the youth interest in the past decade gaining enough popularity to reach the big leagues, a place into the Olympic Games, these related to English too. For instance Skateboarding and BMX (Bicycle Motocross) including all of their disciplines have names, maneuvers, details of machinery and places of performance proceeding from the English language. Personally, I practice BMX since I was five years old, it gave me the opportunity to travel abroad competing, performing shows and making friends around the world with English as a communication tool, not to mention the direct connection that it has due to the specialized vocabulary: even in non-English speaking countries like Spain or China, the tricks(maneuvers) are named the same way, with names in English. In resume, getting the English language key will open doors in many stages of life that used to be locked giving us the chance to discover new things. As personal experience, gave me the opportunity to travel without limits doing what I love and now, turned out to be a needing encouraging others to get involved and show them how helpful this language is. As soon as we are able to understand and create basic structures becomes a -one way ticket-,we will find it related to every single activity we are into and thus, the influence it has on our projects for the future as we get deeper in knowledge is strong, finding always new items to reinforce our careers.