Teach English in Donghu KAifAqu - Wuhan Shi

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Everyday people learn new things about the surrounding world, everyday people improve climbing up stairs by stairs, everyday people enrich with information that can be helpful in the future. The question is “can they do it on their own?” Who helps them to study? The answer is quite simple. It is a teacher. A teacher is a person who plays an important role for the whole society. He/she is not only to teach people some subject or to share knowledge but also to help to be nice and conscious citizens what is truly of a great need for society. For sure, it is hard to be a teacher, because one should care not just of educating, but as well of bringing up, cultivating moral and valuable sides of life. However, it is rewarding, when one reaps the fruits of his/her labor. Let us have a closer look at the role of a teacher in the classroom. First of all, a good teacher cares about the students’ progress and results. Teaching some special subject is the core role of the teacher, though usually he/she is more broad-minded. Knowledge is dispensed to students in a different way, so just knowing and sharing some information is not enough. That is why a good teacher knows a lot of methods and activities on how to teach successfully and effectively. Besides, he/she sets the tone of the study process, helps to make a friendly atmosphere and warm environment, monitor students and prevent the troubles. If a teacher starts the lesson with a smile, it will contribute a lot to the whole class, making students more comfortable and confident. If a teacher comes to the class with a bad mood, student will sense it and feel at ease, maybe lucking desire to participate and answer the questions. Moreover, a good teacher takes care of the problem of behavior and moral development of the student. He/she can share personal life experiences to make them feel closer and trust the teacher. It means that they can treat a teacher as a role model. Consequences will depend on whether the model bears exemplary conduct or break the rules. Moving further, mentoring is quite natural. The teacher wants to make students do their best, to strive for learning and improving. Listening to a student, on the one hand, is beneficial. It will make them nurture self-esteem and wish for success. From all varieties of roles, there is one more, which is “detector”. A good teacher will keep an eye on the state of relations between students, on their personal problems. If any abuse or misconduct is found, it is high time to solve it with the least consequences for others. Indeed, it requires a great deal of experience and endurance. The last, but not least is the connection between parents and the educational process of their kids. The teacher is kind of a bridge that unites both ends, he/she is a “postman”, who delivers the “news” about troubles or success, he/she is a wise adviser, who can lead the parents to the right path in helping their kids to study. From this perspective, we can see the diversity of roles teacher fulfills. To sum up, it is hard to overestimate the role of the teacher in our modern society. This occupation was, it is and it will be always important. Once someone told that school is the second home and the teacher is the second parent. So, if you are a teacher, try to be the best. If you are a student, respect the toil of the teacher. Then, everything will be just perfect.