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Have you ever wondered why people all over the world are somehow curious about the English language? Or why does a country like Japan where in English language is not a requirement to get a job, is on demand for more competent and effective English teachers? These kinds of questions make me remember my favorite quote, “Everything has a reason”; And yes somehow, English exists for a reason of course. You might be thinking why I entitled this essay “Connecting Dots Through English”, well you will find out why, as you read more on this essay. I love strolling down the streets here in my town every night for its wonderful night sky. I can see the moon so clear and it seems so near, not to mention, the stars which for me, represent the number of people living in this wonderful yet challenging world. Just like stars, people look the same on the surface, we have body, brain, heart and soul, but just like stars, every one of us shines differently. Sometimes, when I look at the stars, I try to connect the dots, because even though the Universe is so vast, I believe that everything in space, including us, humans, want to be connected to each other.That’s right, we want to know, explore and connect but sometimes, there are hindrances that will not let us connect easily, and one of those is language. The memories I had with my husband when we first knew each other through the internet are still so fresh, and it’s quiet funny actually because my husband at that time had a problem with communicating with me, because he talked in “Nihongo” or Japanese language while I talked in “Tagalog” or Filipino language. Since we were not able to communicate well, we had so many misunderstandings, we fought a lot and there were times that we actually broke up just because of the wrong translations from the translation app. Out of the blue, English became our hero. As a Filipino, I can confidently talk in English because English language already has been a part of our culture and English language has been taught ever since when we were young. As to my husband, he told me that English was taught in their schools as well, however, they don’t usually use the English language in their daily lives, that’s why he is not confident to speak in English with me but he surely did know some English words. Knowing that, I finally realized that we can actually talk to each other and it is so much better, rather than just typing using the translation app. The more we communicate using the English language, the more we were able to open up our hearts and minds, and the best part of it is that my husband’s English skills got even better. English is the universal language that helps different people in different countries connect. Without English, it will be so hard for different countries with different languages to understand and communicate with each other. They said, “No man is an island”, and it is true that no one in this world can stand alone, we need each other, a country needs other country to progress and with the help of English language, everyone in this world will be able to understand, communicate, and connect.