Teach English in Tonghu - Wuhan Shi

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Teaching is a challenging labor that requires different factors to do it properly. First of all, the person who teaches has to have the vocation to help others. Otherwise, either the teacher or the students will enjoy the classes. Then, a teacher has to have clear that there are several aspects that the university does not prepare the teacher students. For instance, if you are teaching children, several situations are not part of the academic process. For that reason, teachers have to have clear what they have to teach and how they will do it. Because if those situations are presented and the teacher does not have anything planned for that class, there is a high percentage of probabilities that the class will be chaos. Therefore, teachers must be prepared in the subject that he or she is going to teach because students deserve a prepared person for learning anything. Also, another important aspect is that the professor should know the population she or he is working with. This is because every single group is different and presents different needs. It is not the same to teach children, teenagers, or adults. Moreover, in my personal opinion, one of the most important aspects is the lesson plan. The lesson plan is vital while you are teaching. First of all, it is the responsibility of every single teacher to plan their lessons. Second, it is a guide that it is going to help to have organized the course. It is important to have in mind and also in the paper the topics that you have to develop. Third, a teacher needs the lesson plan because, on it, the teacher has the topics, the activities, the assessment part, and one of the most important facts, the time. The lesson plan also helps the teacher to measure the time they will have or organized the time during the whole course. Another reason why it is important is that a lesson plan is that the teacher should include possible problems that they may face. For example, if you are teaching a topic, and the students do not have enough vocabulary to develop it; the students will not reach the goal. So, the lesson plan has to have different activities that help the students to take advantage of the class and in the end, students can produce or communicate properly. And those activities have to be varied and attractive to make more interesting classes. Besides, planning is a matter of respect that professors should show to their profession and their students. Even though students are not experts on the subject, they perceive when a teacher is well prepared or not. If we as teachers want to help and teach properly our students, we have to plan innovative classes to have our students motivated and interested in learning more. The lesson planning allows the teacher to have a balance in the class, to have a guide to follow, to provide different classes, and to improve more as a teacher.