Teach English in Baihaizi Zhen - Wulanchabu Shi — Ulanqab

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Why is the role of a Teacher important? The word teacher reminds me of my mother. Our mothers are our first teachers, and we teach others the same lessons we learn from them. As a child, when your mother believes in you, you believe in yourself. When we grow up and is ready to join the school, the first thought that comes to our mind is about the teacher, because we know a child is like soft clay in the hands of his teachers. Children's minds can be mounded into any shape at a tender age. If taught well by her teacher she can become an important tool for society. The future of the world is in the hands of the children. Whether the future be a positive or negative one depends on the children and the education they receive. The education of a child is so valuable that one needs to consider the importance of the child's education. Also, one needs to consider how to go about nurturing those bright minds so one day they can become independent individuals. How Teachers bring change in the lives of children: Teachers can act as a support system . They can be a role model and an inspiration to go further and to dream bigger.In the classroom sometimes teacher becomes a Manager, Controller,Assessor, Mentor , Guardian ,and student herself.. Students spend a great deal of time with their teacher and therefore, the teacher becomes a role model to them. This can be a positive or negative effect depending on the teacher. Teachers are there not only to teach the children, but also to love and care for them. They hold students accountable for their successes and failures and good teachers won’t let their talented students get away with not living up to their full potential. Traditional method of teaching includes using course books, planning lesson as per the content of the book, however a good teacher can take a leap and bring practical life into the classrooms to prepare the children for the outside world. A very famous Japanese author " Haruki Murakami" said “The most important thing we learn at school is the fact that the most important things can't be learned at school”. It means about getting children and young people out and about, providing them with challenging, exciting and different real-life experiences to help them learn. One of the most important parts of teaching is having dedication. Teachers not only listen, but also coach and mentor their students. They are able to help shape academic goals and are dedicated to getting their students to achieve them. Teachers have patience for their students and are understanding when a concept isn’t taking. Following are the attributes that great teachers possess: Compassion Passion for learning and children Patience Understanding Willingness to put in effort As ,I conclude the most important thing we shouldn't forget is the appreciation of teachers because they are the most important people in the country. Therefore ,we should come together and celebrate them to make them feel valued and appreciated. Having a good teacher who can share an amalgamated relationship with the students is a boon. A good teacher should be a good mentor, a philosopher, a guide, a friend and above all a surrogate parent to the children.