Teach English in ChahA'eryouyihouqibihong Zhen - Wulanchabu Shi — Ulanqab

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This summative is about learning teaching skills, what are they and why they are important. To be a successful teacher, it is more than just being very knowledgeable in the subject you are teaching. It is important that the person learns the specific skills required for a teacher. A few of these skills are understanding what makes a good teacher, planning lessons, and dealing with specific teaching problems. To start off with, it is important to learn the basic skill of what it takes to be a good teacher, what qualities need to be possessed. A few qualities that make up a good teacher are someone that is kind, patient, motivates students to learn, and can politely correct students. It is important for a teacher to have these qualities so that the students continually show up to learn and are eager to participate. A good teacher will also be skilled at playing the different roles they will rotate through, depending upon what they want to achieve. For example, the teacher will play the typical role of Controller, which is where they stand up in front of the class explaining material to the students. It is important that they engage the students in a variety of ways such as through eye contact and gesturing to encourage participation. Another role a teacher needs to play is to organize students into pairs/groups to perform activities together. It is important that the teacher can clearly elaborate what the group will do to avoid chaos. These are just a couple of roles but there are more. A second skill that needs to be learned is how to create a lesson plan. Essentially a lesson plan is a document that highlights the basics about the class such as when and where it took place, what will be taught, and how. Some details that are usually included are what the students should learn, an outline of activities with their estimated duration, what the teacher wants to improve on for themselves, what teaching aids like white board will be used, and how it fits with the other lesson plans. Some reasons why it is important to know this skill are that it organizes the teacher, gives the teacher something to refer to during the class, can be used by a substitute teacher, and it also acts as a record of what was taught. There is no exact way to do this and the level of detail may change depending upon the experience of the teacher. A third skill a teacher needs to learn is the ability to overcome common teaching problems. A common example is teaching a large class, such as a class with 100 students. This can be a problem because it will be hard to control and challenging to involve all students. The teacher can appoint group leaders to help maintain control and avoid confusion. Maintaining a controlled class is an important skill because everyone will know what is going on in the classroom and it should reduce students from getting bored. To ensure all students are involved, the teacher can use worksheets for each student to complete by themselves. Involving all students is an important skill for a teacher to have so that all students continue to learn along with their peers and it helps the teacher assess how well the student is doing in the class. These are just a few teaching skills and there are many others that a person should learn if they want to be a successful teacher.