Teach English in Daihai Linchang - Wulanchabu Shi — Ulanqab

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There are so many languages nowadays, most countries have more than one language of their own, and that too depending on the place or the city they are in. We will find different ways of communication and we may not always understand what people are saying. However, we can be sure that the English Language has expanded through time to the point of being the most common second language in the World and we can use it anywhere around the Globe to communicate. First of all, we have to understand why English has become one of the most spoken languages in the world. Research has found that English is very simple to learn among students around the world and they believe that it allows them to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas with more accuracy than their own language can. From my point of view, English is a language that can help people in different areas of their lives; it could be in their personal or professional life. For instance, a young student who is doing research for School will find a wide range of sources for the information needed, this is something he would not be able to get using just his language. In the case of a person who is looking for a job, learning English will create new working opportunities since it is the dominant business language nowadays, this person will not only be a better employee but because of his ability to speak English, he will be someone sought after by many companies. In addition, we can say that we are connected to people around the world all the time thanks to the internet. Some people use it to communicate with distant friends or relatives while some others use it only for entertainment, regardless of the reason why we use the internet, we can say that English is the most popular language on the web since it gives you access to a wide variety of information that is not available for people who cannot read or understand English. When it comes to Entertainment, English helps people to enjoy a greater variety of movies, music, books, articles, among other things they cannot enjoy in their Mother Tongue. In my case, as a non-native English speaker, it has helped me to express ideas that I would not be able to with my own language. It is constantly helping people to be more confident in their careers, professional environment, relationships, and the way they interact with the world in general. In conclusion, the English language helps everyone to communicate without barriers. Learning English may have been a luxury once, not everyone could afford to learn it, but now it is a necessity and we can’t afford to be without it. English will help us to travel, meet new people, improve our study habits, get more job opportunities, have access to a new world of entertainment and, in general, we will be able to communicate better. Today we have all the tools we need such as books, courses, internet, and new technologies that make our learning process easier. We must take advantage of it to be able to learn and teach English, the global language, the one language that can connect the World.