Teach English in Huadexianqihao Zhen - Wulanchabu Shi — Ulanqab

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Parents role in education is vital. Parents teach and instill values in their children at home first. They are their children's role model. Their presence is very important especially when raising kids and preparing them for their first education years. Moreover, parents provide the needs of their family. They work hard and send their children to school. Because of the trend of distance learning or learning English as Second Language, some parents enroll their children to online courses to improve their English communication skills. Also, parents hire tutors to help their kids with their studies if they are not around. Providing healthy meal for the family is important as well because it will help them do better in school and keep them healthy and productive. Aside from being providers, parents should always be there for their children. They must encourage their children to always do their best in everything they do, most especially in their studies. They need to support their children at home by helping them to do their homework, teach them or do follow- up of the lessons they studied at school, and if possible, let the kids watch videos in which they can learn something and expand what they already know about a certain topic. Parents should also help develop their children's talents and skills by letting them join activities they like such as extracurricular activities that might help them to be future leaders and citizens. They should also attend programs or activities in school which involve their children for them to feel supported and loved. In addition, parents should maintain a good relationship with teachers. They must always coordinate with each other and monitor their children's performance. If any problems arise, both teachers and parents can work hand in hand to solve any issue concerning their children and avoiding it to get serious. That is why attending parents and teachers' conference is really a great deal in education. This way, the child will do great at school because every aspect of their performance is being kept on track. Parents should also give a peaceful and happy atmosphere at home. They should make their children feel safe and loved. They must have a good relationship with their kids. They can enjoy spending time with their kids by doing activities that they like. There must be a time to relax and a time to do school- related tasks. By doing these, parents can make their children become competent and successful individuals in the future. Most importantly, parents must also be open for communication with their children. They must listen to their kids if they have any concerns, or problems either about school or about their peers. Parents should be there to understand, motivate, nurture and help them develop their self- esteem. It is believed that education is the only wealth that parents can give to their children. So parents must make it their top priority. They are the backbone of every child's endeavors. They must invest time, money and resources for their children's future success.