Teach English in Pingdiquan Zhen - Wulanchabu Shi — Ulanqab

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To plan for a lesson firstly we must identify the age group of our class the language knowledge what materials we need whether they are authentic or non-authentic materials that we can use in our lesson. "Why is it important to know the age group of our class in which we will be planning for." The importance is that if you know what age group you are teaching, it's then you will know what planning to do with introduction what sort of materials to use if their young or older students, mainly younger will like lots of songs and chants and games during class to either sing along also they prefer arts and crafts. With more mature students they prefer more realistic materials and more role play according to these information you can design your lesson plan including your syllabus and activities . With proper lesson planning your lesson will run more smoothly your students will be more motivated and have more fun in class this will also help you as a teacher for your confidence and motivation to do better. Language knowledge is very important as well so this is why we do our language level test to identify the level of knowledge between our students, this will help us to plan accordingly for our lesson. What groups we put our students in and what needs are required for our lesson. When lesson planning it's important to know what materials we can use in class, whether it be authentic or non-authentic materials when we know the age group and the language level we will know the proper materials to use to help us achieve our lesson planning so it can be the most effective for our students and us. Also lesson planning is important to have done early in case you are ill and can't attend class so if you are replaced by another teacher they will know what stage your students are at and what they can teach in class,planning ahead helps in many ways . Planning a lesson accordingly to the methodology of teaching what sort of lesson plan whether it be a straight arrow boomerang method or a patchwork method during the class you may have to add or leave some planning out due to maybe time restraints change in activities in class etc... Also you will have to take into account your environment culture and students needs accordingly, also what equipment you ,may have to use in your classroom and importantly your class layout size so you get the most effective lesson. When using the right materials and methods in your lesson planning your are most certain to achieve better outcomes within your class from your students and this will improve moral and student confidence in you and what they are learning, also make sure that you plan time so in case you have to answer any questions or make changes during your class . Lesson planning is effective in many ways as to identify your strengths and weaknesses so when we know them we can rectify the problem . Also you might be teaching one on one as well so its important to plan accordingly because you will be directly teaching just one individual more contact will be made more feedback from the student . With one on one lesson planning its mainly to identify the students needs what specific needs they require whether it be for work or for future studies to obtain better achievements , so its vital that you plan well as these sort of lessons require better outcome for the individual to obtain.