Teach English in Qitai Zhen - Wulanchabu Shi — Ulanqab

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Teaching a new language can be daunting for any teacher unless you have the proper resources to alleviate that pressure and build confidence. The good news is various tools exist in order to make this possible. There are what are known as authentic materials and created materials and can be used with technical equipment in order to enhance the learning experience. All items work alongside the course book that is meant to be a guide for both students and teachers. It’s important to know exactly what these materials are and how they are best used in educating the students. Beginning with authentic material choices, you’ll find that these items are described as authentic because of where they originate. Examples of these materials are songs, poems, brochures, newspapers, menus and films, anything that is derived from the language that is being taught. These items tend to avoid being graded because they aren’t designed specifically for the students, but rather they support the learning for the students by showcasing examples of things they may encounter out in the real world. These materials also give the opportunity to cater to the interests of the students by grabbing relevant information, which only increases a positive relationship between teachers and students. To help identify vocabulary in authentic materials, you practice accuracy with what is considered created materials. Another tool to aid in teaching the students are created materials, and some examples of those are crosswords, word searches, flashcards, etc. These materials typically require some creativity from the teacher in developing. Since teachers have an impact on these types of materials, these items can be graded. Teachers will typically use them in unison with the course book in order to replace or assist the subject being taught. This helps teachers focus on developing accuracy with vocabulary and eventually making the student more fluent. While these tools are useful, sometimes ensuring everyone is paying attention and participating can be difficult. This is where technology and the equipment play a role as supporting materials. Furthermore, when it comes to using materials to help teach a class, equipment like overhead projectors, computers, videos, and even video cameras have an important role. They can supply visual representations of the language and in turn, increase the availability and repetition of the subject being taught. As mentioned before, the course book plays as the most significant piece of material in guiding what and how things can be taught. It’s also at the teacher’s discretion on how to use the course book when teaching the students. It is useful when course books come with DVDs and videos and cassettes because it adds now audio to the learning environment which can be partnered with the created materials. Teachers can be flexible with these materials and teach in a way that suits them as well as benefits the students with various methods of learning. So when it comes to the materials necessary for teaching, you’ll find that authentic and created materials, partnered with the course book and physical equipment, can enhance the learning experience and ensure that all students are learning in various ways that can reach their level of understanding. Some materials are meant to be examples and alleviate the need to be constantly graded, while others play a pivotal role in monitoring the progress of the students. All materials complement the subject being taught and add variety to the learning structure while aiding in flexibility for all.