Teach English in Saiwusu Zhen - Wulanchabu Shi — Ulanqab

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The use of stories with children learning English is very beneficial in a variety of ways. The use of stories allows children to better comprehend topics that may feel difficult for them. Stories allow for students to learn the concepts taught in class in a visual and auditory age appropriate way. Not only this, but the use of stories in the classroom allows for students to put a memory to the concepts taught in class. Children are also able to practice and learn following a dialogue that is at an age appropriate level. The use of stories also allows for comprehension skills. Students will have to follow what you are saying and by asking questions a teacher can somewhat measure what is being understood what isn’t. This is also a wonderful opportunity for students to measure their growth as they find themselves understanding the stories they hear a little more each time. This will help encourage young students to stay motivated and engaged in the classroom. Stories also allow the opportunity for an interactive learning environment. When reading a story about emotions a teacher can periodically stop and ask show me a sad, happy, angry, scared, etc. face. This provides another opportunity for a student to create a memory to a word and makes learning much more exciting. Children of a young age have minds and brains that are still developing. Because of this some concepts may be difficult for students to understand even if it is a simple concept. The use of stories allows children to make sense of their English learning experience by connecting concepts with examples seen in the book. The use of storytelling in a classroom allows a teacher to instill a love of the English language and reading for a young child. Instilling a love of reading and storytelling is a valuable skill that can have many great benefits for the child as they continue to grow. A few examples of the benefits of reading and storytelling are language fluency and higher levels of concentration.The love of reading that can happen because of using stories in the classroom can allow a student to want to continue their learning outside of the classroom. Whether the book be in the English language or in their native language it is still a valuable skill and interest that an English teacher can help their young students discover. Many schools these days disregard the importance of incorporating creativity into the learning environment. Reading a story to a child helps bring back the creativity that children need in their learning environment. It helps a child create questions, think outside of the box, and think more abstractly rather than logically. Stories allow for a way of teaching that doesn’t focus on worksheets and tests and makes learning much more applicable to their own lives as everyone has or will tell a story in their lifetime. Stories are a creative way to stimulate the mind of child with pictures, colors, words, emotions etc. Unfortunately, this is something many worksheets can’t do. It is also a way of modeling how to speak the English language in a much more engaging way. In conclusion, many of the young children who are learning English learn by watching and by demonstrations. Appropriate demonstration through personal storytelling or reading traditional story books allows a child an age appropriate example of how to express feelings and emotions not only in the English language but, in their personal lives as they grow. The use of stories while teaching English allows children to not only gain English skills but also life skills. Stories are the way individuals make sense of their lives. The way one tells a story can say a lot about how an individual has come to make sense of that event in their life. Modeling a healthy way to tell and understand a story can allow a student to understand the language but also allow them a healthy example of how to understand and make sense of a story. It is a great skill to be able to be a teacher who provides their class with activities such as stories that allow children to not only leave can leave with proper English skills but also life skills.