Teach English in Tunkendui Zhen - Wulanchabu Shi — Ulanqab

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Every place where human beings gather suppose to be well organized and also need to be clean as well. A classroom is wide enough especially when it has a lot of students if not well managed, the classroom will be so noisy and students won’t be able to study in such an unpleasant environment. In addition, the teacher in concern won’t be able to teach when the class is so noisy or so dirty, because there’s a say cleanest is next to Godliness. Furthermore, for a classroom to be well organized and quiet there should be someone in charge to keep the classroom silent and that person is the classroom teacher or head prefect( high school). When a teacher is teaching he should be aware that he is the leader of the classroom just as a pilot is the leader in a plane, because of that the teacher needs to come up with various strategies on how to organize his classroom so they digest what message is been passed through by him. The teacher should be aware when he or she turns the back to write on the board the students will make noise that’s normal for kids so the teacher needs to know all these challenges and come up with different methods. As teacher when you are teaching make sure all the students attentions are focused on him, if he wants to write on the board he or she can give an exercise to the students while they are busy answering questions he or she can start immediately writing on the board. The teacher can also play games with his students during classroom because games makes the classroom more fun and attractive but the games should be well organized in such a manner that will cause the classroom more noisy than before because kids are always so exited when they hear of games, the teacher should divide the classroom into two making the game more exiting but he or she should make sure the students don’t get into a fight or dispute because when one team is winning and the other team losing. The team losing might get into a fight so the teacher should organize the game by making the students feel happy even if they are losing or winning just make sure everyone is happy. Moreover, classroom management is not all about managing the students only but also making sure the board is always clean after the lesson and all chairs in other, light switch off as well, ask the students not to eat in class during and after lessons because they will dirty everywhere if not thrown in the classroom bin. In addition, students should not just stand up and move in and out of the classroom they should always ask for permission to come into the classroom and when they want to go out of the classroom as well. As a teacher avoid beating students or trying to fight with a learn we all know some students are naughty but you can take them to the principals office or simply sent them out of the classroom. As a teacher that’s suppose to be the classroom coordinator should not tell the students not to use phones in class and the next minute you are using yours while lesson is in process, the teacher should either use his or her phone after the class or go out of the classroom to answer emergency calls only.