Teach English in Xiaohaizi Zhen - Wulanchabu Shi — Ulanqab

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Motivation in the classroom is a very significant part of a learning process. There are many ways at a teacher’s disposal to keep his or her students highly motivated during the language learning. In my opinion, the following three techniques play a crucial role in the motivation of our students. Firstly, teachers should establish rapport with all of their students. In the second place, the use of games and different activities is very efficient in motivating our students. And, thirdly, positive feedback should be applied as often as possible to stimulate our students’ desire to learn. First of all, establishing rapport with our students should be considered one of the most important ways of a learning process and motivating our students. It allows us to learn our students’ interests and aspirations and to use them for effective lesson planning. It also creates a feeling of closeness, bonding, sympathy, trust and confidence in our students. Establishing rapport with the learners makes them feel familiar with their environment and reduces anxiety and stress, which, in its turn, makes them confident participants of a learning process. Getting to know our students and keeping a good relationship with them is a crucial part in keeping our students motivated. Secondly, games and activities should be used during the lessons to increase our students’ motivation. Games can be fun and effective way to keep our students active, independent, curious, as well as they help to encourage our learners’ creative thinking. Students also get to interact with their peers, learn more about each other and their environment. There are many different kinds of games to choose from nowadays. When choosing the right game or activity, however, it is important to keep in mind our students’ level, their interests and learning experiences. This way games can be very productive and stimulating. Games are always an interesting and entertaining addition in the classroom. They make a nice, motivating change to every lesson. Lastly, we can’t underestimate the role of a positive feedback in keeping our students motivated. When giving a feedback to our students, we should concentrate on what they have achieved, rather than the areas where they failed. The feedback should be inspiring and take into consideration our students’ feelings and emotions. Any feedback from a teacher is very rewarding to our students, and that’s why it should be encouraging and reinforcing as much as possible. The right feedback also promotes positive feeling of self-esteem in our students, providing opportunities for further good and effective performance. Positive feedback is, this way, one of the most effective techniques to stimulate our students desire to learn. There are many teaching strategies that can be applied to keep our students’ motivation high in the classroom. However, I think that establishing feedback with our students, the use of games and activities as well as a positive feedback are the most effective ones. These techniques help us to learn our students’ needs better, as well as to keep our students interested and engaged in the learning process through their motivation.