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As a father of two marvelous kids, the theme of “Child development” is very interesting and important for me. I am sure that a role of a parent (and a teacher is a kind of parent for children for the time when they are studying) is not a car driver that gets child to the station of his achievements, but the guide who can give a right direction for disorderly energy of a kid. And of course, for a child, it is very important to have a strong base that gives him confidence. What exactly I mean by this, is to give support and faith in a child that he can do anything, there are no limits and he knows that he has good helpers and friends behind his back. I don’t talk about financial stability which provides children food, clothes and a place where they can live comfortably – it is the common needs that children don’t need to think about (unfortunately there are so many places on Earth where are the problem of indigence is not solved yet) but I`m talking about things that every teacher or parent can give. To be an example of a good man, to be a mentor and an adviser for kids. Behavior issue is one of the biggest problems that teachers and parents experience with children. We, as adults, forget that kids are not robots, they don’t carry out some of the chores properly and qualitatively if they do not want to (I don’t consider cases of child physical abuse or forced obedience because I don’t think that is right). Sometimes children are not listening, indulge in, and do not behave, it is normal, they are kids, but what can a teacher or a parent do in this case? John Watson a psychologist said in his theories of behaviorism that all behavior is learned from, and shaped by, the environment e.i. like I said earlier we can give a good example of the right behavior, and eliminate the bad one. I don’t mean that we must remove the main prankster from the lesson, I mean that we can take more attention to the child, to find out the reasons for his misbehavior. What most of the adults must know, that every child needs much attention. Most of the behavior problems have an origin from lack of attention. Every child is a person, who needs to be listened to and accepted (acceptation on an equal footing is the best way to give confidence to a kid). At the same time the adult-child interaction must be with equally respect from each other. Can we demand respect from those we don't respect? I don't think so. What commonly differs a young child from an adult? Well, Firstly and majorly, experience. Young intellect, whatever potential it concludes, has a lack of experience. And what, as parents or teachers, we can do to make a solution to this issue? We can give a proper material, good books, and manuals. We are telling the stories from there and, by doing this, we transfer the experience of authors who wrought these stories. And as adults and more experienced people we see which of these materials more suitable for pupils, makes a good direction of mind for our kids, give motivation to action and give desire to absorb new knowledge. Secondly, the low level of interest and concentration of children. They don’t have enough motivation, they don’t understand the needs of learning, instead, they want to play games and communicate with peers. To avoid this problem we can provide learning in the form of a game, and also include here more communicative activities. A child should know, all that he does, he is doing not for adults but for himself. Reaching this understanding can help give proper motivation. Great motivation for a child can be a leader like a famous astronaut, sportsman, novelist, scientist, etc. Children love to make heroes for themselves and it could be great if this hero would be a real person, but also it can be a story character from movies or books e.i. a good exemplar. In conclusion, I want to say that our children are our future, they will be represent the face of our future world. And this future is depend on what we put in their minds.