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For my summative task, I have chosen topic number sixty-nine on the list above: Role of the Teacher. I have a very strong opinion on what the role of a teacher should be, not only in a sense of English teaching but for any kind of teaching. The role of a teacher is to come into the classroom every single day with a positive attitude for their students, no matter what they may have going on in their personal life. Teachers are responsible for fostering the growth of each and every one of their students, and I strongly believe that if even one teacher that a student encounters throughout their learning career can make a deep, lasting impact on them, then it can mean the difference between a life of disappointment and failure, and a life of success and happiness. It is a teacher's responsibility to make their students feel comfortable making inquiries about a subject, making them feel motivated to be educated, make them feel engaged and cared about. Because even if you're teaching students a subject that they will never use again once they've moved on from your class, a feeling of comfort, motivation, and love will stick with them through everything they do for the rest of their lives. Teachers are ultimately responsible for the future of entire nations, of the world. Teachers will usually have just as much, sometimes more impact on children than the children's parents. In an ideal world, every teacher would be lit up with passion, inspiring and motivating every single one of their students with every tool they had in their arsenal, but the sad reality is that from what I've experienced, and from other peoples accounts, truly passionate and impactful teachers are few and far between. I believe this will change though because I believe my generation, and the generations coming up understand the importance of passion, and the importance of the impressions made on kids for the first eighteen years of their lives. I have faith that the role of a teacher will soon be effectively fulfilled by more teachers in one generation than ever before. The responsibility of a teacher is extremely underrated most of the time, which is why I chose this topic. I believe that good teachers deserve much more appreciation, and that bad teachers should be pushed much harder to change their ways and improve themselves because I see the massive effect that teachers have on individuals and on the world as a whole. For example, if a teacher were to come in every day for an entire semester barely meeting dress code, never smiling, and only teaching through worksheets and handouts, he will be teaching his students that its okay to not take things seriously, and that it is okay to not be inspired. However, a teacher that comes in every single day with a smile on their face, engaging every single student, keeping the class fun and interesting and treating the class like they are his own flesh and blood, will have a much deeper, much more beautiful impact on the students current attitude about life, and they will carry that perspective forever. In short, I believe that the role of a teacher is to be lit up with love and passion for their students and to do everything they can to inspire that same passion in as many students as they can.