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Classroom management is skill of organising and managing the class , having a friendly , relaxed manner and maintaining discipline .Good classroom management allows for students to increase their motivation . Motivation has impact on a student's academic performance.The main purpose of assigning job is to teach them some responsiblity .while they do learn how to be responsible by taking care of their belongnings and keep their desks clean and organized , a classroom job helps students keep the room smoothly . classroom management means the process of ensuring that class room lessons run smoothly despite disruptive behaviour showed by students. the team also implies the prevention of disruptive behaviour and closely linked to issues of motivation , discipline and respect . the terms classroom management and discipline are often used interchangeablty.classroom management means teachers' strategies to create and maintain an orderly learning enviornment and discipline means teachers respones to students misbehaviour . Assing classroom jobs to your students will not only make them learn a little bit of responsibility at school , but it will be a tremendous help to your classroom management plan . just think of all of things that you can pass on to your students to do ! tips to help you design a useful classroom job system , one that will give you a break while still teaching your students some accountability.Make a job list ,first you must think of all the jobs that you need to get done .these jobs should be able to be done alone , without adult supervision . Next you need to think about wheather ou want to assign every student a job , or if you want to pick names each month and have students rotate .here are a few jobs if you want them to ;attendance taker - takes attendance and bring it to the office , homework collector - collects homework and puts it into he homework basket. put recycler items in the recycling bin, make sure materials are at the centers , sweeps up the foor , door manitor - opens and shuts the classroom door , helps the teacher with the morning calendar . supplies manager - takes care off all the classroom supplies . A fun way to get students excited about having a classroom job is to create a job application .on the front board create a list off all possible jobs and have students look over them . remind them to only apply for jobs that they know taht they can handle , and to consider when they get to schooll and leave , as well as if they have to leave the classroom for band or special help . next , have students fill out their job application in their best possible hanwriting . and encourage them to only apply for up to three classroom positions . once handed in , you can sift through the applications and decide who would be best suited for what job . students are more likely to do a job that they applied for .if you want your classroom to run smoothly then you must maintain your system . do not falter and allow a student to pass out papers if they are not the paper passer . it's best to switch out jobs each month or have students apply for new jobs . this way every student gets a chance at the jobs they are interested in trying.