Teach English in Ciyantang Zhen - Xiangxi Tujiazu Miaozu Zizhizho

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For the long time people of different countries and nationalities needed to communicate with each other. In fact, not all the people had an opportunity to learn and speak foreign languages. Thus, within centuries interpreting was a respectable and noble profession which was demanded in any society. In present time with the growth of globalization and incredibly rapid increase of international interaction in every sphere of vital activity humankind has faced the necessity of speaking the only language by everyone. One of the most popular languages in today world is English. It is the mother tongue for millions of people, in some countries it has the status of the second state language. But can it become the global? Obviously, in all times the most developed country in the region was the role model for the others. The higher developed the country was, the more demanding for communication it became. Science development in such a country could affect foreign languages filling them with new vocabulary, as newly invented items and terms did not have analogues and relevant names. For instance, there is plenty of words of Greek and Latin origin in almost every European language. But though Latin and Greek were learned by every educated person and used as lingua franca, nowadays the role of these languages has faded. For many centuries Great Britain was the world’s greatest colonial power. English was set as a state language in more than a hundred colony all over the world and was taught to millions and millions of people. It is not a secret that highly developed economy of the United Kingdom and some members of the former empire has attracted a huge number of non-natives to live and work there causing the increase of English language speakers amount. Numerous of international companies which have their branches in different countries and continents search for the best workers of absolutely different nationalities and the only condition, except the professional ones, is English language knowledge, for the company members have to understand each other. Finally, knowledge of the language opens doors for millions of students from all over the world to learn any subject in the most prestigious institutes and universities in the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Australia and some European countries, where English though is not the state language but the language in which students learn various courses. However, some people believe that globalization and increasing role of English as the modern lingua franca is an imminent threat to their native languages. They say that under the influence of TV and the internet, for instance, the level of international communication and cooperation has become so high, that younger generation all over the world use English language more frequently than their mother tongues. The fact that many English words are coming into their languages replacing the original ones each day frightens this category of people even more. Furthermore, the increasing demand for English speaking specialists makes parents in different countries teach their children English from the very young age, and it can remain the only language spoken by the children when they grow up. Therefore governments and activists here and there do their utmost trying to prevent the expansion of English over their language and the culture on the whole establishing various barriers and involving young people in the study of native culture and language. Although this concern seems quite reasonable I cannot completely agree with the above mentioned opinion. I am fairly certain that there must be the way for the global communication these days. And this is not only for the economics or business reason but also for making nationalities closer to each other. I am absolutely sure that people all over the world have a lot to share with each other maintaining their own national identity at the same time. And of course learning foreign languages is definitely beneficial for brain development any way. To sum it up, the increasing necessity of the common language for interaction in nowadays reality is forcing people of various nationalities to learn and speak the language which is easy to understand by the great majority. No wonder that it is English which seems to become spoken by overwhelming majority of people on the Earth in the nearest future.