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Parents are the ones who bring children into the society. The way the child talks, behaves, and socializes, all come from people around them. Home is the first place where they are educated. Parents are always considered to be their children's first teachers with the key role of shaping their child’s character. What molds children is a perfect balance between home and school. Parental involvement and encouragement are very important for a child to become successful. This includes being the right role model, reading together, overseeing a child’s activity, providing a pleasant atmosphere and so on. This paper will explain 10 ways parents can indulge in their child's education. 1. Be the role model: Often, kids copy their parent's actions and speech. Home is where a child learns how to peak, how to behave, etc. Parents must get involved in their children's early grooming by being a good role model and inspire them to become good and successful individuals in the future. 2. Reading together: Children get a sense of support and confidence from doing things together with their parents. One of the best ways to get closer to what the child is learning in school is by reading the lessons together. This not only helps develop their vocabulary but also is a great way to create a daily habit of reading. It is also a great idea to go to the library together to get more knowledge than in classroom lessons. 3. Oversee the child’s activity: Both at home and school, it is important that parents watch over their child’s activity. Their habits are what will make them perform better in their studies. So, correct them from time to time, give them advice and help them organize their routine. 4. Provide a pleasant atmosphere: Parents should make sure that the home atmosphere is pleasant and peaceful. They should avoid discussing family problems or having quarrels in the kid’s presence. Both father and mother should consider the importance of their study life and give them the required moral support. 5. Give constructive criticism: After you observe that your kid is not performing well or giving less importance to studies, correct them at the beginning itself. However, it is not good to spoil their peace of mind with discouraging words. Have some self-restraint and give only encouraging criticism if you notice any downsides. Make them realize what is right and wrong rather than simply scolding them. 6. Help with home assignments: Parents can uplift their children's spirits for learning by giving good support in their studies. Show it with small gestures, for example, helping them with home assignments or projects. However, parents must not do every lesson for them and let them play. Do it together and help them with some guidance in doing the assignments better. 7. Prepare them for tests: Don’t leave them alone with their lessons during their exam time. With good guidance and support, parents can help them to prepare for the tests. You may even conduct pre-tests at home before the actual test to decrease their exam worries and tensions. 8. Reward them for results: To perform better with studies, giving good motivation is important for a kid. So don’t hold back from rewarding them if they come up with some good results in the tests. This also encourages them to perform better next time. However, keep a limit and do not shower them with gifts for an average performance which fades away from their determination. 9. Go for educational trips: During the holidays, it is a good idea to go for educational trips. Include destinations that are relevance with what they are studying at school, so that they have a better understanding at school 10. Maintain parent-teacher relationships: Never skip a parents-teacher meeting and occasions on which there could be a potential interaction. Parents should learn about what their kids are doing at school. Maintaining parent-teacher relationships shows that you are interested in your kid’s matters which gives them a good feeling. Overall, in conclusion, besides school learning, parent’s active role during their study life can help them to grow up with better social skills and improved behavior. Students with good support from home have achieved better grades at school and grew up with higher self-esteem.