Teach English in Hulu Zhen - Xiangxi Tujiazu Miaozu Zizhizho

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It is important to evaluate and test students from the very beginning of any school related subject enrollment, maybe as simple as taking a course by personal choice or even a work related situation. There are different ways to evaluate students’ levels and their progress as well as the testing or exams that may be required during their studies. In this case, we will focus on the English language, here are some ways to evaluate the students’ level: Tutorials, Evaluation by the students, and Tests. A popular way for teachers to help students and their progress is tutorials. These can be arranged during various time frames with any kind of level or student, any size of group or individually. This will be determined on the focus or objective of the course for when and how often they make take place. Since not every day with every lesson can have one, it is up to the teacher to organize these times in the most comfortable and effective way by both the teacher and the student. This way the students will have the opportunity to review the work and tasks given to them. As well as there being any type of problems, doubts or questions and to know it is done correctly. Another important factor is the evaluation by the students, it is helpful and powerful to ask the students for an evaluation of their teacher and course. It is important for this to happen, not necessarily in a personal way toward the teacher but more so as a productive critique and feedback, in order for the teacher and course to have their own progress. The students need to know the process of the course and also feel a balance with each lessons over the important and specific topics covered; such as, grammar, skills work, and level of difficulty. This process will promote genuine interaction, developing a wide awareness for students on what goes on in the classroom and it helps the teacher to better understand how they react to the structure of the day to day lessons. There is a variety of tests that exist for all levels and they all have a particular purpose. Starting with a placement test to assist the formation of students in the level they belong to or best fit in. Similar to that test, there is a diagnostic test which is designed to show how much or little the student know. A few other tests are common as an option for the students periodically throughout the course. Another example is the progress test, this is on the work being covered on the course. The options on what kind of test the students will have may vary as well as how often they take place. It is an important factor, hence the name of this particular test. If a student is following a specific course leading to an external exam, there are a series of practice tests, to get an idea of the required standard and structure of this exam. Another popular test students’ encounter is the achievement test, this is usually an internal test that is given at the end a course or end of the school year. These specific tests mentioned in that order are more at the beginning stages for the student, pointing them in the right direction, as the student continues further and deeper in their studies there will be more tests involved. By utilizing these methods, teachers and student both have the opportunity to help, grow, and learn from each other simultaneously during the process of a course to a successful outcome.