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Hello everyone. My name is Mahmoud Abdallah, I am 28 years old Egyptian man. I have 3 older brothers and 3 older sisters, I am the youngest in our family. They are all married with kids. My brothers and sisters have 11 kids and I helped in raising them and I love each and every one of them. I studied everything since I was a young boy in English, all the subjects in my school and university were in English. I fell in love with China since I was 7 years old. My dream was to come to China and build a career and have a family of my own here. I heard that the salaries for the foreign English teachers in China are good, higher than the salaries in my country which is ranged between 200-500 dollars Per month. So.. One year ago I came to China to study Chinese language and search for a job so that I can be able to have a constant source of income so that I can get married and afford to buy a house and a car here in china. After I came here I found out that it is so hard to be an English teacher here since I am not a native speaker myself. The Chinese people are only looking for Native speakers and it was really disappointing for me. Since I love kids so much cause I have been living with 11 children in my country I decided to search for a job as an English teacher for young learners. As a non-native speaker of the English language, it is easier to find a job as an English teacher for kindergarten especially when I am already used to the noises of the kids and have experience with dealing with kids and love them so much. I lacked confidence in my self since I wasn't a native speaker myself and especially when I studied a different major in my university and I didn't have any certificate to qualify me to be an English teacher. It was a really huge challenge and step for me to go to another country and start my life from scratch but I had an American friend he was an English teacher here in the university that I am studying at right now and he told me about the TEFL course that I can take online and it can provide me with the resources and certificate I needed to be qualified to be an English teacher for foreigners whose first language is another language apart of the English language. SO I decided to study the English language"TEFL Course" so that I can be qualified to be an English teacher and achieve my dream of becoming an English teacher for young learners here in china. I know that I lack a lot and I know that I am not the best but at least I do the best in what I do. I hope to pass your test and get the certificate needed to be a qualified English teacher. I also wish to continue studying English courses with you so that I can be better and make more progress in the English language so that I can take a higher salary in the future. If I pass this test I would apply for another course to study. I hope that you continue on helping us the non-natives teacher to achieve our dream of becoming teachers and help us more in the future cause we are really in need of your help and support, without you guys we would be nothing now. And I want to thank you for the opportunity and for listening to my story and about me being a non-native English teacher. I also hope for you to recommend other courses that you have so that I can improve my English cause no matter how good my English is or no matter how I am good at grammar I still think that I lack so much.