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Lesson planning is a topic that has a lot of controversy in the teaching community. A lot people believe that lesson planning is a waste of time and some believe that it is the most important thing to have when conducting lessons in a classroom. According to the E-learning Network, “Lesson planning is a significant element of the teaching-learning system. A lesson plan is a step-by-step guide that provides a structure for essential learning. Before planning a lesson, it is essential to classify the learning outcomes for the class. It is important because it helps the teacher in maintaining a standard teaching pattern and does not let the class deviate from the topic.” From my experience, I believe that lesson planning is important, but that you should also not have a rigid and inflexible lesson plan. Based on situations that I have had happen to me in my classroom, I believe that even if you plan everything in advance sometimes things just don’t go the way you plan them and as a teacher you should prepare for this. Although there is much debate on lesson planning, I believe that lesson plans are essential in running an effective classroom. Lesson plans are considered to be an aid to planning. They help teachers figure out what they want students to learn by the end of the lesson. According to the E-learning Network, “it is important to know the aims and objectives of the course being taught to students. A teacher should be prepared not only to teach the students but also to make sure that they take some fruitful thought regarding the lesson at the end of the class.” By the end of the lesson the students should know what it is that you wanted to teach them, but the only way to achieve this is to have a clear and concise directive without too many distractions where the students become confused. When writing a lesson plan it should be kept simple and should include a learning objective along with procedure, phase, and time. There is not a set way to create a lesson plan but finding one that suits your teaching style is important. Lesson plans should be used to make your life easier and to help keep you on track. Lesson planning is one of the most important steps teachers should consider when designing their lessons. When teaching a foreign language there will be many things that I will have to get used to and understand, but by having a lesson plan it will help me stay focused and organized. This will help my lesson be well rounded and even when unexpected things happen in the classroom, I will still be able to stay focused and organized. This will be extremely beneficial to my students because this will help them understand the main points of the lesson that I am teaching the and will help them become better English speakers. This is why I feel that lesson plans are extremely important from my experience and different sources that I have found. Works Cited: Jones, Sara. “3 REASONS WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO PLAN LESSONS.” 3 Reasons Why Lesson Planning Is Important - ELN Resources, Mar. 2018, www.eln.io/blog/3-reasons-lesson-planning.