Teach English in Qingshuiping Zhen - Xiangxi Tujiazu Miaozu Zizhizho

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Even before graduation, an opportunity to conduct English classes online jumped onto my lap. As a graduating student who has studied English and its nuances as well as its beauty, I thought it would be a great experience to delve into this new world. I have never thought that such an industry exists and that it has not been my ultimate goal to carve a niche in such. However, time passed and it still holds a special place in my heart. One of the reasons for my not leaving this awesome world is convenience. In fact, I have experienced convenience even before I started teaching. The application process itself is hassle-free. It does not require one to appear in person at an office somewhere. Aspiring teachers only need a device with a camera and their best smiles to participate in an interview. After which, he or she corresponds with the HR through e-mail or something of a similar fashion. Everything is done at the touch of a button which is not usually the case when applying for teaching positions in schools or English centers. It is safe to claim that in the 21st century, there is a plethora of challenges modern-day workers barely overcome. The traffic, for example, is a nightmare for all. Whether one drives a car or commutes daily, to workers and CEOs alike, traffic is a huge mountain to climb early in the morning. Any sign of its betterment is not in sight but it is not a concern at all to online English teachers. One can teach at the comfort of his or her home without ever having to encounter air pollution and road accidents. One simply has to turn the computer or laptop on and open the teaching software and everything is set. Teachers in schools and teachers in virtual classrooms are not so different when it comes to one factor though and that is classroom preparation. They both need to prepare their lessons, visual aids, and even themselves. However, there is a noticeable difference when it comes to the amount of time they spend doing such. For instance, a teacher in school would have to either stay up late at night to finish lesson plans and visual aids or wake up early in the morning to do so. On top of that, he or she would need to groom him/herself before they waste hours to and fro. Meanwhile, an online teacher would usually need only an hour and a half to be completely ready to take on the day. While teachers at school need to cater to classes comprising 20 or more students, a teacher online usually only has one student per class whom he or she would give all the attention to. This cuts down the need to spend not only a huge amount of energy managing a lot of students but also the time and money for the class to be successful. After all, one has to invest in visual aids or supplementary materials no matter where you are teaching. However, teaching online is not all roses. It also presents some difficulties. For instance, one will experience some delay in salary and some technical issues which require back-up plans lest penalties are imposed. Aside from that, one has to deal with marketing one's self in order to have more students sign up for the classes. Teachers would also meet a diverse range of students. From energetic young learners to highly motivated adults, one has to keep up with all their demands. They are expecting the teacher to fulfill their needs every class which can, in turn, drain the teacher. There might even be some classes one has to conduct suddenly. These problems, especially when met all at once - which is probable, are enough to make a heart race. Nevertheless, the reward of teaching and doing so conveniently completely outweighs the downsides. Both situations are rewarding but it cannot be helped if more and more teachers choose to render their services online. Better yet, it is very likely that teachers would choose to become a part of both worlds in the future.