Teach English in Taiping Zhen - Xiangxi Tujiazu Miaozu Zizhizho

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English is an extremely useful tool to have in this day and age because it is such a Universal language and it can influence a student’s future career in so many positive ways. It can open up so many more doors for job opportunities, it can give student’s a better chance of being hired, it can allow students to work all over the world and it can create great opportunities for students to get work in the travel and tourism industry. First of all, English is the most Universal language in the world. In other word’s it is the most widely spoken language worldwide (World Choice Organisation). So when people from different countries with different native languages come together, the language they would most likely use to communicate with each other would be English. So therefore if a student can speak English, they are able to communicate with people from all over the world which is very beneficial. Secondly English can open up so many different doors for job opportunities (English New Zealand). English is also known as the ‘business language’ so when companies need to make negotiations or deals with other businesses from all over the world, even if they come from countries where the native languages are different, they will use English to communicate (World Choice Organisation). If a student already works for a company that does business Internationally, if they are able to speak English they will get better job opportunities within that company over someone that can’t speak English (English New Zealand). Also some companies have offices all over the world, so if a student can speak English, they are more likely to get the opportunity to work for that company in another country. English can also give student’s a better chance of being hired and allow them to potentially work in different countries all over the world. English certificates and qualifications are recognised worldwide which means students can not only look for work in their own country but they can also look for work in other English speaking countries around the world such as America, New Zealand and Canada (English New Zealand). This broadens student’s future job prospects immensely. Also if students have an English certificate or qualification on their CV it gives them an edge over other candidates who are applying for the same job (English New Zealand). Employers are more likely to hire someone that has an English qualification over someone who doesn’t. Travel and tourism is a massive industry throughout the world. This industry employs 319 million people (World Travel and Tourism Council) so as you can see there is a great demand for work in this industry. For students who want to get work in this industry, being able to speak English really gives them a greater chance of getting a job. In the travel and tourism industry they will be dealing with people from all over the world, whether they get a job in a hotel, in a tourist information office or as a tour guide. So in order to be able to do their job well and to be able to communicate with tourists from around the world, being able to speak English is a must. So in conclusion when a student has the skill of being able to speak English it really does open a lot of doors for future job/ career opportunities, it gives students a better chance of being hired, it can allow students to potentially work all over the world and it can create great opportunities for students to get work in the travel and tourism industry. Bibliography - English New Zealand. 7th March 2017. 7 Ways That Learning English Can Boost Your Career Prospects. English New Zealand, Available at: https://www.englishnewzealand.co.nz/news/7-ways-that-learning-english-boost-your-career-prospects/ [Accessed: 22nd November 2019] - World Choice Organisation. 8th August 2013. Why English Had Become The Universal Language Of The World. World Choice Organisation Blog, Available at: https://worldchoice-education-blog.com/?s=english+a+universal+language&submit;= [Accessed: 22nd November 2019] - World Travel and Tourism Council. 27th February 2019. Travel and Tourism Continues Strong Growth Above Global GPD. World Travel and Tourism Council, Available at: https://www.wttc.org/about/media-centre/press-releases/press-releases/2019/travel-tourism-continues-strong-growth-above-global-gdp/#:~:targetText=Travel & Tourism continues strong growth,the world economy in 2018. [Accessed: 22nd November 2019]