Teach English in Xiluo Zhen - Xiangxi Tujiazu Miaozu Zizhizho

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Since I previously worked as an English teacher in China, I also have my own experience. What is important to me as a teacher? First of all, the personality of the child. He's a human, and I want him to stay that way. Therefore, it is very important for me to teach this person to learn, not just to know and be able, but to teach him to use knowledge for the benefit of himself and those around him. Knowledge is a power that can destroy and create. And the child learns to make a decision and be responsible. Of course, there are errors and problems. Together with our students we overcome them. I help the child find a solution, and he makes the choice himself. I like to come to school every day, see my students, discover knowledge with them, solve a new problem, work on a project and be happy. We learn from each other every day. They have me, I have them. I remember my first class. Experienced joy and satisfaction. But one day one of the students, stands up and says: "I'm not interested!". On my face surprise and bewilderment. Why? It turns out that the tasks were easy and simplefor him. Since then, I began to look for and collect logic problems, tasks of increased difficulty, magic squares, non-standard tasks, puzzles and returned interest to the study of this boy. And when I asked him it's draft such quests, how many joy and pleasure was in his eyes. And it was so nice to me! How important it is to teach children to understand the word "teacher"correctly! It does not matter who he is, a disciple or another person, came to share what he can, learn from him, because everything depends on himself. And I felt calm. I realized that this class is ready to learn.Continuity took place. This is a person who prepares the future. From him depends, what waits us all in further. It depends on what "will be measured" to us tomorrow and the day after. The modern teacher has the strength and determination to correct not only the gaps in knowledge and education, he can change the very human life. Indeed, how many spiritual qualities must unite in his character the person who wants to become a teacher: firmness, boundless patience, rigor and gentleness, trust and the ability to be an example in everything. And most importantly-love, love for life, for the learning process, and above all, for children. I have to say,creating conditions for successful teaching, each teacher is looking for their own techniques and forms. Naturally, all this depends on the personality of the teacher, on the specifics of the work. I believe that the teacher is the second mother. After all, the teacher gives the child knowledge and a certain education. And the school is the second house where the kid lives more than one year, where he becomes a person. And what will be done with the child at school is very important. The teacher should build his relations with children on full trust, mutual understanding and respect, should not divide his pupils into loved and unloved. All my pedagogical work is aimed at ensuring optimal conditions of educational activity for each child. That is why I am interested in my academic work. That's why I'm here.