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It seems that everyone knows reading makes a person better in all aspects. Reading teaches a person about the world around them. Even if the person doesn’t go travelling, he can obtain knowledge of the world by reading books. Reading can also helps a person develop empathy and so on. Many educators say that children's reading is the beginning of a successful child's life. Since it is so, how to helps children building a love for reading is also an important task to study. There are something we may do to help. First of all, build a habit yourself. If you want to help children love in reading, build it first. Read more, think more, and let children think reading is part of your life, then they can read naturally. Another thing can do to help children to instill a love for reading is made it interesting. I always read stories to young children, the ones barely read before. I not only read the stories, but also “act” them out. I read one story with my mouth as well as my gestures and my body language. They love it, fall into the world of books and get to love books. I pointed at the characters one by one to speak it out loud, they followed my thoughts and gradually they know the characters. Taking children to a library or a bookstore often is also good to them build the interest in reading. There are thousands of different kinds of Children’s books there, they may feel boring at some kind, but feel interesting at some other kind. Let them choose whatever they like to read, it may let them quickly get the interesting point from reading. Meanwhile, there are many other peers in the library doing reading, the children would feel like to get into their life, they would read. Create opportunities for children to tell stories or read aloud to others. Let children tell their favorite books to others, and let them get applause and appreciation often, in this way, they can build confidence in themselves and begin love reading. Never be mean on books. Buy more books for children. Make sure that the child has enough books to read. Let them view different types of books. Some books may difficult for them now, but would be interesting to them sometimes later. Choose some books with the same animation would be a good choice. After reading, take your children to watch movies or cartoons. By the time when children watch their book characters on the screen, they would feel amazing, it would be like their dreams come true. I remember the time I watch Harry Potter entered Diagon Alley on the screen, it is the most unbelievable thing to me on the earth! And I even love Harry Potter series more. Whatever the way we choose to help the children instill a love for reading, it is something that never to be an instant benefit. Take time, and enjoy the process. By the time you find yourself love reading, the children would have the same hobby as you.