Teach English in DiAodongmianhuA Yuanzhongchang - Xiaogan Shi

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English is not only a language that taught in school. It also gives the opportunity to share ideas between countries and cultures. Therefore english has very strong position in your future career. Not only you can work in your own country. You can also work in different countries. You can improve your business career thanks to english . Therefore Learning english can be the best investment for yourself. Engilish is unnegotiable education language in the world.The best schools give education in english language .Also The best known acedemic magazine puplishing in english. The newest books publish in english language.Business english is just like the education, the language of business world is english too. The english language has become a tool of communication in a world that trading boundries has dissapeared and keeps globilized. We have to know english because International conference, fair, exhibit, business meetings are in english. English is one of the most important element in your career devolepment and very rewarding language. Besides, it gives a boost to your performance. The other plus is that you can connect with other countries people easily thanks to english. If you have enough professional qualifications have knowledge high level english. You have very high level of chance that you can work at a international company or you can go abroad and work there. Which this gives you tons of choice. Nobody can put you in a cage. If you know english you can be indepent as a bird in your business career. Knowing the language gives you the opportunity to share your ideas. Our ideas not only reach one continent, also seven continents. English wil remove the boundries. No matter which field of proffession, the employer will seek a employee who is capable of high level of english. Companies usually try to compete with the needs of the time and try to catch up with the new tecnology. By doing that their main goal is to not to stay behind of world standart and always be open for new opportunities. We can think one of the jobs. It can be computer enginering. We live in the tecnology age. And tecnology advances like the speed of light. If we want to catch up speed of light to use the tecnology and produce them. Actually We can see the world like a computer engineer. Throughout student read a lot of english book . Because All enginering books, resources is written in english language. Software, hardware is in english. Think of a student who does not understand english. Even if this student likes her/his job. He/She will not engoy her/his job. And he/she will not be succesfull. Computer software or hardware is developed in europe and america nowadays. So software is written in english. we need know how to keep tecnology inside in our hands. If we do not know english, we will be staying in the same position for ages. But ıf a student go abroad for master education. He /She would have learn a lot of knowledge about computer teqnology. After turning back to home country . He/She would contribute a lot of things his company. Both student achieve a lot of knowledge. As well as his company. In addition to this by sharing his knowledge. he would be bring so much information to his company and his country. Most of the proffessionals in computer business know english pretty well. In order to follow the newest technologies a student must know english. Softwares are written in english. Most of the open source softwares are in english. These codes has been puslished on the internet are in english. If a students wants to be a successful in this field must be very fluent in english. Most of the time, job offers requires engish knowledge. Being able to speak english will be very helpful in these kind of situations. Because there will be other who wants to apply to these jobs, if they do not speak, english the one who does speak english will be selected and probably get the golden call. However speaking by itself would not be enough for some cases. You have to know what requires to be able to that job. For instance if the job that a student applying for is about electronic, the student must know english about that criteria or the sector. The one who doesn't speak enlish will be stay behind and probaly not take the job. Apart from all of that english will give a huge boost to your confidence. For instance when you're a in interview you will be able to show yourself in front of others. You will be very ahead of others. In most of the cases you will have the opportunity have access all the detailed information on the internet. You can improve yourself in your field of work. You will be able to gain access resources all over the world. And this will give a huge advantage from the other who don't know english. In proffesionalism english is one of the must haves. All the CEO's all over the world communicates in english between eacher other. Sometimes they share ideas or compete with each other. If a student wants to be part of it then he has no option but to speak english. Some field of works such as software engineering has a huge profit in english speaking countries. All the advancements are happening in these countries. Plus they sell these technologies to other countries.