Teach English in Huangzhan Zhen - Xiaogan Shi

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What is the role of the Teacher? The role of the teacher is to teach his students with valuable and meaningful lessons that would create a significant change in their life. In order for the instruction to be effective, and in order for the change in the life of the students to last forever, the teacher must inculcate discipline. That discipline would help the students to be prepared for the next set of lessons in their life. I believe that in order to be an effective teacher, he/she should provide real-life examples and hypothetical illustrations in order for the student to find relevance in the lessons taught. The teacher should be a role model for the student inside and outside the classroom. In order for the teacher to ensure that they are fulfilling their role as educators, they must provide an opportunity for the students to respond to the lesson. In my opinion, when a student discovers a relationship between himself and the lesson, it is easier for him/her to understand the topic in discussion. The students may find more meaning and application in the lessons. I believe that if the teacher succeeds in his/her role, students will find more motivation in their studies, and will provide an environment that will give the student the courage to take that extra step. This environment will positively affect student’s behavior: interest, meaning, preparation, success, satisfaction, reinforcement, and identification. Although it is crucial to maintain discipline in the classroom, a good teacher must refrain from punishment. Punishment does not focus on the future and results only in short-term compliance in the behavior of the student. In the end, the reason why the student is behaving that way may be related to the methodology the teacher is using in the classroom. Teaching is a relationship of instruction between the teacher and the student, but a good teacher should be also able to develop a good relationship among the students themselves since that affects the learning of each and every one of them and creates a group dynamic that may determine the success of the learning process. By encouraging a healthy and positive environment of teaching the teacher inspires a group dynamic that is committed to learning, the teacher is ensured that the learning process becomes more effective; therefore, the class will grow together. The teacher should appreciate this group dynamic and use it to his advantage to motivate the students. By doing so, the teacher hits into a potent force that creates extra motivation in each of his students. The teacher can structure his lessons by incorporating this dynamic, so that he may apply the lessons to each individual student and enhance their learning process. Teachers should be able to develop an effective lesson plan, which must be structured and organized, such that past lessons are still significant, the present lesson is relevant, and future lessons are important. These factors can help the student learn the lessons by heart. Teachers should know and understand that they play a vital role in the student’s learning process, so they should look at several elements that affect their student’s motivation for learning and strive every lesson, every day to become better and better educators.