Teach English in Xiadian Zhen - Xiaogan Shi

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In the current world we live in being able to communicate is a massive factor in the making of one's career success. English is an internationally recognized standard for communication at the work place. There are many reasons why we should learn English. There are many reasons why being able to communicate effectively and clearly in English can affect a student's future career. Firstly, when you speak English, whether as a first or second language you're able to look for job opportunities around the world , which will dramatically increase the size of your job market, when job opportunities are hard to come by in your own country. It is also helpful if you're interested in working abroad and learning about different people and new modern cultures. The second reason why English can influence a student's future career is because international companies always need English speakers to be apart of their team. Having English language fluency helps you broaden your job search within your own country as well as internationally. Many international companies around the world need employees with English language skills to do daily tasks such as administrative work and so forth. Having English language skills also makes you a great asset to any international company. So, having English language skills listed on your cv gives you a better chance of being hired by many international companies. By having English as a second or third language it could give an advantage over an equally skilled candidate who only speaks one language. Once you're an employee in any international company and you have English language skills , you could be presented with more opportunities and may even be eligible for promotions within the company, because of your English language skills. If the company you're working for needs you to travel to different countries around the world for business, English language skills will be a major advantage for you as most countries have English as a second or third official language. While you are working in any company it's healthy to have work relationships with your fellow colleagues. There is a great chance that English will be the common language used to converse daily. It will open up a world of conversational opportunities and create a much more relaxed and fun work environment. It is also proven to build long term careers in companies where communication is constant. Having English language skills will also make it easier to build and grow relationships with clients and potential clients hence, making you an even bigger asset for any international company. In this day and age many top companies are employing thousands of people who have English language skills. Finally, having English language skills will expand your brain and thinking potential towards learning. Many studies have shown that multi-linguals have better memory when it comes to remembering lists and sequences. Some studies have even shown that multi-linguals have a better chance at career growth in most developed countries. In conclusion, having English language skills can open new doors towards greater job opportunities and take your career to great heights in terms of longevity and climbing up the ladder of success.