Teach English in Yanglingou Zhen - Xiaogan Shi

Do you want to be TEFL or TESOL-certified and teach in Yanglingou Zhen? Are you interested in teaching English in Xiaogan Shi? Check out ITTT’s online and in-class courses, Become certified to Teach English as a Foreign Language and start teaching English ONLINE or abroad! ITTT offers a wide variety of Online TEFL Courses and a great number of opportunities for English Teachers and for Teachers of English as a Second Language.

Teaching English as a foreign language for the first time is not as easy as it may seem. A TEFL course is an important precursor for anyone interested in teaching English professionally because it provides the necessary tools, techniques and guidelines that will make the teaching experience as successful as possible for both the teacher and the students. A TEFL course provides prospective English teachers with essential information regarding lesson structure (ESA), grammar fundamentals, class size dynamics, class material information and many other lessons that prepare the teacher for the role. English teachers will run into problems within the classroom occasionally and in order to deal with these problems they must possess some level of knowledge regarding how to handle the situation. Without this training the classroom could become chaotic quite fast. For example, in a classroom where students have varying levels of English, students at lower levels could fall behind if the material is too difficult and higher level students could become bored if the material is too easy. Teachers must know how to set up a classroom dynamic that creates a balance, and this is something that is taught in the TEFL course. Students have a higher chance of success if the teacher builds excellent rapport in the early days of the course. They will also be more successful if they are engaged and interested in the lesson material. The TEFL course trains English teachers in various techniques that build this rapport and provides teaching ideas that keep students engaged. The course also provides information on how to create a classroom dynamic that supports all students in a balanced and fair way. Another important part of the TEFL course is grammar. English teachers should be knowledgeable and confident regarding the lesson material they are introducing. If the teacher is punctual, knowledgeable and prepared, they will have more rapport with the students. Sometimes stronger students may try to dominate weaker students, and teachers must know how to handle these situations properly. They may also run into situations where students are being disruptive or falling behind during an activity. There are numerous situations that the TEFL course trains the teacher for so that both teachers and students have a harmonious environment. To keep students as engaged as possible the TEFL course gives many examples of games and activities that are both stimulating and fun. It also provides information on how to find other materials online that can be used for teaching. Without this knowledge, new teachers may end up relying heavily on the coursebook for each lesson. This may lose the interest of the students and lessons could become repetitive and predictable. In order to provide the best environment that will ensure the success of both teachers and students, adequate training must be provided for all new English teachers. Without this training, the classroom could potentially become chaotic or overwhelming very quickly. Without proper training in grammar, pronunciation, phonology, tenses and parts of speech, students may not respect or even listen to a teacher who does not understand the material being taught. Teachers should love to teach and they are more likely to enjoy teaching if they are prepared. If a teacher is unprepared, the classroom could feel very stressful and overwhelming. Students should be given a learning environment that supports their learning fully, and the TEFL course shows teachers how to create that ideal environment. Overall, it is an absolutely invaluable tool that all new teachers should possess.