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Living in a big city may be a dream for some people who belong to the rural, however it's not that beautiful for people who are already living the hectic life of the urban. To live in a concrete jungle can be hard. Sometimes, it may be stressful and mechanical. People in the city are in a constant struggle to overcome daily challenges and meet their worldly aspirations. This do more attitude towards life creates an unpleasant separation between our mind and soul. The continuous and unconditional need for doing everything possible in order to be attain happiness, unfortunately in the end fails to yield its results. In the end, we may end up being successful in terms of material sense, but not happy. In today’s fast-moving society, the phrases such as “Work Hard Dream Big” or “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, and hard work” have become slogans of every household. Although it is right indeed, hard work is the key to success! It is important to keep in minds, that we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that we are not robots, and have a physical body, which needs rest. Furthermore, we have a living brain which is not controlled by a computer, and hence needs peace. It’s okay to be ambitious certain extent, and being career oriented, or even a workaholic, as long as we keep an optimistic attitude towards life. We should never allow our determination and ambitious goals, lead us to self-destruction. It is important to always find a few moments for resting, and a timeout from our E-Identity. Maybe during this period, a person can try to slow down and have a nice cup of hot coffee, or maybe even listen to some relaxing music. This can help reconnect together our minds and soul, and maybe realize that that we are not zombies roaming the planet earth endlessly, but humans with hearts and souls. Hence it is important to always ask ourselves, if there is any point in constantly struggling to obtain our ambitious aspiration, at the cost of our physical and mental health. As most people may have experienced this, our desires never can be completely fulfilled, as they are constantly replaced with new ones. In order to deal with all this stress and life, we would be better off in working towards having a healthy body and a peaceful mind. The power of this combination gives us the spiritual and mental strength to handle all kinds of issues life throws at us. Its important to realize that the grass may always look greener on the other side, but it’s actually greener on the side where you watered it. The true happiness only comes when we learn to be content with who we are and appreciate ourselves, not by chasing after ambitious goals. As Mr. Craig D. Louns Brough says ” Most of us spend ourselves trying to be something that we are not and if would just spend that energy on growing in to who we are , we will rather quickly discover that who are not something that we will be glad we are not.”