Teach English in BAyannaoer Zhen - Xilinguole Meng — Xilin Gol

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With the rise of modern technology, a lot of things have changed including the way people live their lives as well as their way of thinking. These days, information is found and shared quite easily. People utilize these information in order to be more productive. Thus, a new way of teaching was developed to aid the changing needs of people as well as utilize modern technology in the classroom. Online teaching have become more and more popular as the internet and applications evolved into something people could easily use with communication, info-sharing and connection. Applications such as SKYPE, WEBEX, ZOOM and others are now used in order for the classroom to be more diverse and more connected; these things are now taken advantage of so that a teacher can reach different nationalities who seek learning but are unable to travel and go to a classroom set up. It is cost-effective, less time consuming and very much advantageous in many ways. For teachers, different materials are plenty, accessible and are very helpful. For students, it is a way to be connected to experienced and well-trained trainers all over the world at a fraction of the cost. However, there are also some drawbacks to this. Not everyone is a computer or internet savvy though. Some adult learners are unable to fully grasp how to use these online applications and might find it annoying from the beginning, so it is important for a teacher to be more wary and anticipate these difficulties from their trainees. Other drawbacks can be the connection issues, application compatibility and proper equipment. Adjusting teaching online can be quite tricky however fruitful. Trainers are advised to choose the proper platform first, adjust the teaching based on the capability, adaptability and capacity of the platform, knowledge of computer settings and programs, materials to be shared and useful tools. One perfect example of an online platform useful for online teaching is Skype. Through this platform, students and teachers can both share screens and materials; enabling them to utilize the online environment. In a classroom set up a teacher has to spend time with material creation and conception. Using online tools and elements can cut down time spent by the teacher in these things. What’s truly fascinating with this type of learning is that you can be anywhere in the world and can be flexible in your time. The next step is for the teacher to do a technical check with the student. It is highly recommended that teachers explain how the platform tools are used and applied in class. One aspect a teacher has to be reminded of is that online teaching can’t be super effective in a very big group unlike in a classroom set-up. Online learning can be awkward for some students therefore adding to the challenge of an online teacher. A teacher can only do various activities that an online platform are capable of. So it is important for the teacher to study these limits and work around it. Personally, I think online teaching can be adjusted to a one-on-one, personalized method of teaching. Many have found this method highly effective as the teacher’s concentration is solely on the student. Students’ attention are solely on the teacher too. Students can also maximize their time spent studying; they can take online classes based on their availability and flexibility. There are lots of helpful videos available online on how to work around online platforms. Experts in education have continuously developed different audio and visual materials for this type of teaching method. It is up to us teachers to study them based on the demands and needs of our students.