Teach English in Erennaoer Sumu - Xilinguole Meng — Xilin Gol

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When we think of the English language the first thing that comes to mind is that English is the only global language that connects people from different regions, nations and cultures. Living in the 21st century with the internet and smart technology at out fingertips, the world is no longer big and disconnected but rather small and connected. The result of globalization has persuaded businesses to look beyond their own countries to employ better qualified staff from around the world. When we put English(the global language) and globalization together we can see why English is so important for students' future careers. One of the first requirements(if not the first) to work for any international company or organization is the ability to understand and speak English fluently. English is the international language for business, in fact according to Wikipedia more than two billion people speak English worldwide. Communication is of utmost importance when it comes to business efficiency and by mastering the English language the possibility of a language barrier is eliminated between colleagues, which means there will be no misunderstandings or miscommunications. A proper understanding of English grammar and spelling are necessary for day-to-day responsibilities such as: responding to emails, calls, customer/client interaction and queries using the correct terminology. Going for a job interview knowing more than one language(English being one of them) you are likely to have an advantage over non-English speaking candidates even though you are on the same skill level on everything else. It also indicates to your potential employer that you have challenged yourself by learning a new language and that you are hard working and dedicated to self-improvement - Therefore you will be seen as a valued asset for any company or business. Students who are interested in traveling and working abroad have to learn English as a second language. This will open the door to many exciting career opportunities in all areas of the world(which drastically increases the size of the job market), however if a person only speaks his/her native language the job market will be more limited. Obtaining English as a second language will prepare and give confidence to students to cope in the workplace, for instance, many job requirements include formal presentations, negotiations, client/customer interactions, phone calls, emails, public speaking etc. It's also proven that employees who can speak both their native language and English tend to enjoy extra benefits and on average they earn a higher salary. According to the "Seven Ways that Learning English Can Boost Your Career Prospects" article by Kim Renner on the "English New Zealand" site, studies have shown that individuals who speak more than one language think different from individuals who speak just one language and that multi-linguals are better at remembering sequences and lists, they are more aware of their surroundings and have higher levels of concentration to focus on important activities. These traits will add value to the employee and the company/organzation on the long run. As globalization is reaching its peak, the English language has never been more important than today. It is clear that the ability to speak and understand the English language will have a radical impact on an individual's future career. The reality is that the world is changing and we need to change with it or we'll be left behind, and the ability to speak English in the business world is one of these changes.