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Every master was once a beginner. I am a teacher, but I started at the bottom just like everybody else. It is dedication and consistency that turned a beginner to a master. However as a teacher, I have seen many students struggle to learn effectively. Some students spend many hours studying, but it doesn't get them very far. On the other hand, some people spend less time studying and learn more. Studying for long hours proves the learner is consistent and dedicated. However, using an effective learning technique would be even more effective. I have had difficulties and wasted a lot of time before I found learning techniques that were suitable for me. Using those techniques was critical for my learning success. I am no expert, especially when it comes to talking about useful techniques. My learning adventure is still going on, but some techniques I like to share with people because I believe they indeed help someone`s learning processes. Whenever I learn something new, I imagine myself as a teacher of the subject as if I am going to teach the very same subjects to my students. That helps me to master the understanding. I often find someone who would like to learn from me. I would teach, and if the person does not understand, I practice again for better teaching and try again. I do this circle repeatedly until the person who I am teaching understands the subject. This is how I learn best. Albert Einstein once said "If you cannot explain it simply, then you don`t understand it well enough." Mortimer Adler once said "The person who says he knows what he thinks but cannot express it usually does not know what he thinks." I find these quotes very true when it comes to how I learn and teach. There is no perfect technique; one technique might be right for someone and not for another. Many of those learning techniques came from people like you and me. As long as we try in many different ways, we will find a way that suits our learning style best. Recently I read a book called The Power of Habit. While I was reading, I understood that I forget things quite often, but somehow don't have severe consequences for forgetting or have daily disruptions. Then I remembered that I do the same actions every day over and over until it became an unbreakable habit. Once you do something over and over for a long, it becomes a habit, and it`s not easy to break. A habitual action doesn`t involve consciousness. Sometimes, it is like exercising your brain. And I have realized that an individual`s habit affects his/her learning techniques. If there is an effective way that works for someone, then he/she should adopt the technique and do that repeatedly, until it becomes like a habit. For someone who has been learning using the same techniques but not getting where they would like to be, I would like to tell them to think outside the box. I love that expression. Imagine that you have nine dots. If you had to draw five lines with the pencil within nine dots without lifting the pencil, the only way to do that was to go outside the box. You could use your imagination in finding a new technique. Our imagination is limitless. Learners should find out what others have done, search around, do trial and error. Maybe they need to find or re-kindle a passion for the subject they are trying to learn. Discovering a learning path that is unique to you and works well for you is important. We need to understand what inspires us to learn effectively. Learning shouldn`t be complicated or frustrating. But if we decide to learn something, we should try your best.