Teach English in MandulAtu Zhen - Xilinguole Meng — Xilin Gol

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There are many obstacles on the way to learning a new language. Many of which are linked to the actual language learning. Even so, there are other problems we can encounter in a classroom setting that can further delay the process of obtaining the needed information. Other external factors can therefore be your relationship to other classmates, your relationship to your teacher or problems connected to the individual in terms of interest in the subject and so on. Thankfully we are teaching students who often have a large personal interest in learning what we are teaching them. Still, there are a lot of other things we should take into consideration, that could be part of slowing down the progression and learning of your students. Your role as a teacher is far from as simple as to just handing out information and expecting it to be picked-up without any attention towards how the information is being received and in what type of setting. As a teacher you must know that you fill a vast number of roles in order to keep your students interested in learning and hence having a calm classroom environment. Many will think that a teachers only role is being the instructor, someone with the right knowledge for a certain class. That might be one of the main roles, but as we know, there are many other aspects that needs to be taken into consideration if we wish to maintain the focus of the class. Each individual student and where they are at, must be taken into the teachers consideration. A teacher should always be an example for their students and have the ability to help mentoring them forward. Another important point is knowing what form or set-up works best with a certain task. Facilitating the class the right way, by creating a healthy learning environment is one of the important parts of the teachers in-class workday. Having the students desks set up in the correct manner can be pivotal to the success of the class and as a bi-product the acquired knowledge of the students. The other roles we have is being there for students and trying to understand how they feel. We take on several other ''professions' when we do this. Being able to listen to the student, see their problem and giving advice as to how we can resolve the matter can be very important. In closing, we can by knowing what we are doing, put up a simple lesson plan based on a short amount of preparation, that can put us in a position where we do not have to run around and put out fires. No fires will have to be put out as we have prepared ourselves with fire prevention. We have taken into thought where our students are at mentally, how we can help them focus on the current task, whether it be by enabling them through our own actions and how we present ourselves, or something more physical as to putting the students in the right setting. It can be in a group, a circle, semi-circle, two and two and so on as previously mentioned, but sometimes more importantly it is of essence that the students are being matched up with someone they feel comfortable and compatible with. If we facilitate at a high level, we might not have to bring out the policeman in us too often. Helping ourselves by knowing how to be a teacher in its complete form, will give us the opportunity to maintain classroom control.