Teach English in Maodeng Muchang - Xilinguole Meng — Xilin Gol

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The best thing I learned throughout my TEFL course is how much of a sacrificial position it is to be a great teacher. Many times, TEFL teachers get a pompous self viewpoint and try and share a plethora of knowledge with students without the deep understanding behind the lesson. This stems from the educational privilege and expansive repertoire of knowledge we are raised in. Structure and lesson planning seems second nature as most of us have experience a strict and rigorous education program from the age of five following a majority of the years of our lives. Thus, there is something to be said about an educator who can put aside their ego and work with all different levels of students on a subject (English) that we ourselves don't remember the structure of learning. Language development was ingrained starting post infancy, how does one properly share that experience with someone who barely understands a word you’re saying? Most TEFL teachers work internationally and many for very little compensation. That being said, the teachers are exposed and integrated into contrasting cultures other than their own. Many will face challenges that would not be tolerated in their home country, yet have to progress through them to continue on their dedicated journey of international education. Cultural appropriation and integration is a key point to success, safety, and maintaining a positive rapport between the teacher and their community. In many cases a teacher is the most highly viewed position within a community, and thus the teacher needs to hold themselves to extremely high standards as they will be looked up to by many. Teachers have to set aside the structured self ego and notice that their current role in life is to help those who are eager to find success yet don't have the means to achieve it without your assistance. I am about to embark on my journey with The Peace Corps in the TELLS program, which provides English co-teaching and critical life skills facilitation to students and community members in Panama. I have had to do a lot of mental and physical preparation to make sure I am safe and sensitive to my tasks at hand and the community around me. Being a woman, I have had to be exposed to the hardships of gender inequality in my country and exactly the ways to combat assault. I have also been training in ways to engage with my community who has very little and is rarely exposed to new and different ideals. I have done a lot of prep work alongside the unit examples and lesson planning in my TEFL units that has showcased the lack of accommodation and materials in my schools. This will be a challenge that will allow me the opportunity to be more creative with my tangible items and activities. Furthermore, I learned that confidence and comfortability is key to growth, both in regards to the teacher and the students. The teacher needs to establish a positive rapport with the students, encouraging them as they progress on and being sure to help them in the challenges they face without a harsh connotation. Confidence will come with preparation, which I feel extremely more secure in after taking this TEFL course. Comfortability will come with the established relationships between students and teacher. Once these are achieved, I will be able to utilize these strong relationships, have students become peer leaders and have myself as a teacher learn useful skills from my students. I am full of gratitude to have taken this course, as I feel much more prepared in classroom management and facilitation of information. This was not mandated through the Peace Corps, however I sacrificed my hectic preparation time to take this in hopes to be the best resource for my students and new home community.