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This is a very relevant topic. I believe that readers do become leaders. An effective leader will have a wide range of knowledge. I am not suggesting that they should be an expert in each subject, but rather have some understanding of a variety of differing topics. Experience is a great teacher, but reading is a very efficient way to obtain knowledge. In the Western school system, a child is learning to read until grade 3. Once in grade 4 the child is now learning _from_ their reading. A good book is simply a story written on paper and as discussed in the TEYL storytelling is a great teaching tool. A good story, told properly, can grab our emotion and have us sitting on the edge our seat wanting to find out what happens next. From “The little engine that could,” do the children on the other side of the mountain get their toys and good things to eat? To E.B. Whites Charlotte’s Web and will Wilber survive, to Tolkien’s Frodo and will he and Sam destroy the ring and make it back to the Shire. Storytelling, whether written or oral is a tremendous teaching tool. Once a child has obtained a basic vocabulary in the L2 they should be introduced to the stories appropriate to them. In good written literature they will read and hear proper grammar and spelling. They will see what good literature looks and feels like. Once a child has learned that all those funny symbols on a page make up sounds and these sounds create words and enjoyable stories, they will then work harder to learn more words in order to read more stories. All too often the institutional educational system does not have time to allow the young child to complete and appreciate a piece of classic literature. The institution may attempt to increase fluency by taking samples from great works, but the student does not have time to get emotionally attached to the characters. As a result, they do not enjoy reading. When a student does not enjoy reading it becomes a burden and it becomes something they must do. With this mindset the child will struggle to gain knowledge most of their life. They mustn’t need to love to read, but it should be a pleasurable experience that allows them to gain knowledge quickly when we need it, thus enabling a well-rounded education that is prepared to learn more about the world. Once the child has obtained a good grasp on L2 they then have the advantage of having two languages in which to draw stories from. In addition to this, they now are confident enough in their reading ability and can focus on their favorite genre and by this point will have a good idea which subject they do want to further explore. As this young adult moves into post-secondary education, they have a very strong academic foundation and will be free to choose a field that interests them. With their reading ability should also come a love of learning. Combined, all of this should create a well-rounded person who has the soft skills to be able to motivate different individuals and has the technical expertise to lead the same group in the chosen field. This reader has become a leader.