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Alan Barnes English as a Global Language A global linguistic is a language used internationally, and it's not characterized by its intrinsic, environmental distribution, and its functions for worldwide organizations. A language attains a global rank after developing a recognizable role in all countries, English as a global language has attained high prestige internationally because of its vital roles as being the innate language for millions of people, as the English language is used in all levels of education, in the global world and in addressing the television programs internationally. English as a global language is used in many areas. Eloquence in English has become vital in the business world as the stakeholders select negotiation of deals in English which results in partial treatment to non-speaking English firms who need to hire other people to interpret on their behalf. English is also used in the field of science and technology it is approved as the common language thus this leads to great effect on systematic communication. As a result, scientists worldwide can use the availability of scientific works to share views with other scientists around the globe. The English language is also used in the field of employment as most of the job suppliers usually ask for communication skills especially in the English language thus studying the English language is an advantage in the attainment of employment (Hornikx & Meurs, 2020). Besides, English plays an important role in promoting entertaining through television, music, and movie industries. Most entertainment industries use the English language as the media of communication to pass their message. There are number of impacts for a global language that is either positive or negative, but some commentators have jagged to the potential risks. Perhaps a worldwide language will encourage an elite monolingual verbal class, more self-satisfied, and dismissive in their assertiveness towards other dialects. However, the availability of a global language will make people more reluctant towards the learning of other languages thus leading to fading away from the marginal languages. Global language has led to the linguistic contentment, clear signs of language complacency are contemporary in the exemplary British and United States of America tourists who advent the world with assumptions of everyone uses English for communication. The pigeonhole expressed by an English tourist requesting a foreign attendant for a cup of tea in a loud voice near the certainty to be comfortable makes the indigenous people lack motivation towards the worldwide language. English as a worldwide language has led to linguistic power; those who use worldwide language as their first language have more power compared to those who have to learn it as a formal language. For instance, the explorers who have learned the global language as a formal language take a long period in assimilating reports in English in comparison to those who use it as their mother tongue. However, if great devotion is paid to the issue of language learning to children when they start their full-time instruction and resourced well as well been maintained, the linguistic competence which arises due the course could be so powerful (Melitz, 2016). In conclusion, despite having diverse languages around the globe, the English language will remain to be the worldwide language for communication in the majority of the people. The majority speaks English either as their formal language or their native language; it will take a long life span to substitute the global language as it has developed for a long time. English remains to be the lingua franca in many grounds. References: Hornikx, J., & van Meurs, F. (2020). English as a Global Language. In Foreign Languages in Advertising (pp. 95-121). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. Melitz, J. (2016). English as a global language. In The Palgrave handbook of economics and language (pp. 583-615). Palgrave Macmill