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Petr Staněk Czech Republic 29. 1. 2020 Dear readers, I am choosing a very beautiful title for my essay again, and my headline is „Is drilling an effective teaching method?“ And I have choosen this title because obviously I was part of teaching system, too and I really like this theme for my essay. Today I want to talk about teaching technique called „drilling“ which was and still is a very famous teachnique used all around the world. It is not very easy to compare this technique to other teaching techniques. I would like to say that it is one of my most favourite part of education to be observing and testing different teaching techniques for me, since I am teacher, too. I will be talking generally about a few different teaching groups and also contributing in, if the age is important factor for using a specificic teaching techniques. As many people can say the drilling technique has been used for centuries in many different places in the world and is very useful for starting the learning proces of english. I was personally a part of drilling system because it was often used in many schools that I have attented. For example the „teflcourse.net“ server is saying that „In third, the effectiveness of the method decreases with the growth of the student’s level. So at the beginning of education drilling is a powerful method. But for an intermediate student, this method will be not very effective“1 . Here we can see the interesting fact which is the actual truth about learning thru drilling in classes with differenet aged students. It is a very effective method of teaching but it also carry some problems, but there are always some solutions. Next example I want to talk about is the „Teaching techniques: 6 steps to effective drilling“ from server „eslbase.com“ I must let the server „elsbase.com“ talk about what actually drilling technique is. It says that „Drilling is a way of standardising pronunciation of a language item and developing fluidity (the ability to introduce language quickly and easily)“2. It is very interesting to see, at least from my own point of view, that there is a lot of different web browsers, which are full of information about the „drilling method“ and its usage and proof that it is a very effective teaching menthod. Now it is on me to say if the drilling is an effective teaching method or not. I must say that I am highly covinced that drilling is a very effective teaching method especially for beginners who are just starting to learn a new language. So as many web browser say and experts say it too that the drilling is an effective teaching method especially for youth and adults and younger generations or for beginers or any interested part. I want to say that if you follow the rules for specific teaching techniques you will be able to learn very well. I’ve really enjoyed the study of drilling technique and I am asking you all who are reading right now „What do you think? Is the drilling an effective teaching method or not? Thank you for reading 1. https://www.teflcourse.net/blog/is-drilling-an-effective-teaching-method-ittt-tefl-blog/ 2. https://www.eslbase.com/tefl-a-z/drilling