Teach English in BaoAnzhao JiAnyu - Xing'an Meng — Hinggan

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Well, motivating and encouraging students to learn is one of the pivotal roles of every teacher , and it plays a critical role in students future plans to pursue English or not , as a teacher who have been teaching English for over 13 years to a wide range of students and level my experience confirmed my initial personal experience and feeling , I remember when I was a kid at school or even later at highschool , I was highly inspired by some teachers of mine and even if I didn't like the subject I tried to get good grades or I was into the topic after a while ,so when I started my job I put this factor on top of my priorities to focus on ,since I hold the belief that if you are able to correctly motivate them the rest the a much easier process .There are various ways to boost students encouragement and motivation in class which are as followed: 1. Praise and encourage students as much as possible, always be there to give students nice, positive, feedback or encouragement for the good things they do in class , I always reward my students on different aspects of language like grammar, or I say to one my students his pronunciation is amazing , or the other ones hand writing is great ,or even when the do their homework carefully and precisely or some students overdo , i make sure to reward them , at times i reward them for their social behavior in class , if they assist their friends or speak politely, however the way i reward them differ somewhat, in my kids and young adults classes I give them stars ,stickers , sometimes I draw something in their notebooks which is their favorite thing, for older students it depends on the context and system I'm teaching I give them verbal praise or class participation plays a great role in their grades , despite the fact they're older , dislike homework for being praised they do much more than they're expected to , I always give them the opportunity to excel and shine in class. 2. Excitement and enthusiasm:This in turn second item I'm going to discuss it's the constant excitement and enthusiasm in the class , they are always motivated to put everything they lean into practice and I show them I'm moved by their progress.M mostly parents of young kids come and say , the days kids have classes they are eager to come earlier o class or enjoy doing the extra homework which I don't give them , I just praise those who have been working more and better than before. 3. Make learning fun: the other fundamental factor for learning English is the environment of class , it should be funny and friendly so students feel safe to communicate, it also reduce the threats of low self esteem, stress , that's why I always provide my students with lots of fun activities, completions, games which serve as educational tools and besides make the classes joyous and memorable for students . 4. Give clear instructions and tell the logic behind the instructions or activities and homework. Usually, the first class is not a teaching session for me , it's for me and my students get to know each other and mostly for them to know about my standards and goals , clear and concise instructions given to students reduces later ambiguity or wasting of time , however it takes time and should be repeated till ,they do those activities as their routines in or for class. To sum it up, reating and keeping the motivation is the most high is one the fundamental roles and responsibilities of every teacher not only English teachers ,since we are there to ignite our students if we are capable of tackling this hurdle it would be much easier for them to go ahead on their own ,they have the confidence in themselves.