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The importante of having a good Rapport with students cannot be overstated. Generally Rapport is characterised by mutual understanding and empathy that facilitate communication and interaction as well as positive thoughs and feeling of closeness between people. Perceptions of bonding lead to favorable interactions. Establishing a good teacher-student rapport is of vital importance in order to create a positive learning environment for the student. According to some experts, rapport is also the ingredient that makes teaching one of the most rewarding professione on earth. In fact, a good rapport can lead to positive outcomes for both the students and the teacher. For example, students show a more positive attitude towards the course they are doing, increased motivation and willingness to learn. The teacher in turn will reap the benefits of improved class participation and positive ratings. But how can good rapport can be established? Some experts say rapport is not considered a stil but it is rather a choice that can make the difference between success and failure. I tend to agree with this opinion as I feel as a teacher it should be a priority to ensure you establish a good rapport with your students from the moment you walk into the class. Having a pleasant disposition certainly helps, but it is not sufficient. A teacher needs to be encouraging, friendly, understanding and enthusiastic at all times. Greeting your students with a smile and welcoming them to their course would be a good way to start. Using the first lesson to get to know the students better is fudamental. Learning their names as soon as possible is equally important. An interesting and creative way of trying to remeber their names could be ask them to associate their names with an interessing adjectives that starts with the same letter as their first name, for example meticulous Miranda, fantastic Fiorella... Ice braker activities would certainly help to create a positive atmosphere in the class too. Finding someone who....would be a good way of getting them to move around and get to know each other. Another activity that would encourage students to talk about themeselves would be ask them to create a Passport, which should include relevant information about themeselves and at least one piece of memorable information that will stick in the minds of other students. Writing some information about the teacher on the board and then asking the students to ask questions reagrding the information they see on the board could be an effective way of giving the students an opportunity to get to know their teacher. Students can be put into teams and take turns in asking questions. Putting students into teams will create a pattern in the teacher's mind of where the students are sitting and this will help her/him to remeber their names. Moving around the classrom also helps create rapport with the students as they will feel less intimidated and be more villino to interact with the teacher.h Making eye contact with the students is very important too as is not only shows interest in them, but also a sense of openess, honesty and caring. A teacher should also be sensitive to the needs of her students at all times. He/she should also be aware of any discomfort they may be experiencing and consequently be ready to interviene as deemed fit. Making students aware of the fact that you trust and respect them are also important aspects of establishing rapport. Giving them responsability would be a good way of showing them that you trust and value them too. An other important element to bear in mind when discus and asmi of the course.siong rapport is humor which should never be left outside the classroom. In fact, an amusing anectdote or a personal story can also be very effective in creating a relaxed and calmigo atmosphere in the classroom. This also encourages students to relate to the teacher and it turn to share their experiences. Arriving early for classes and being available after class should they wish to talk to you is another effective way of showing students that you care about them. Getting to know the students outside the class can also be effective in showing a keen interest in them not only as students but also as people. Once a teacher has succed in establishing a good rapport with her or his students, he or she will not only succed in bringing out the best in the students but also reaching the objectives and aims of the course.