Teach English in GAoliban Zhen - Xing'an Meng — Hinggan

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While every language people speak on our planet is important and enriches life, speaking a global language as a second language can be a door opener and be of great value to people across the world. Amongst plenty of reasons I will walk you through a few that are of relevance for English language students or potentially even key motivational drivers to study English. Living in a highly connected world, content published online can be subjective to the publisher or influenced by various factors. Whether it news, social media content, movies or videos, being able to read and understand content in English next to a mother tongue, enables one to compare content from different sources and publishers across the world to form a more objective and informed opinion. That way not every bit of information retrieved is considered the truth or a given; one can do research and explore content published by different countries, written from different underlying cultural backgrounds, beliefs, political power and influence. Today’s infrastructure across the world is constantly improving and getting much more accessible, hence people across the world meet, mingle and are exposed to each other. Speaking English makes it easier to travel and explore the world. Being able to communicate in a global language will make it easier for the traveler to find their way around a foreign country but also to get to know and understand the local culture. Vice versa, speaking English as a local, helps in communicating with visiting travelers and understand their intentions, needs and experiences. Even basic knowledge of the English language can be a facilitator in this way, to encounter one another in peace and with a common ground of understanding. Another reason is education. Studying abroad is very common as it often provides benefits such as universities and educational institutions that can be considered better than the ones in the home country. Political stability and safety can be another reason to choose to study abroad or simply curiosity to live and explore another countries and culture. No matter which underlying motivation, speaking English proficiently is one of the key requirements to be selected to a study program abroad. Furthermore as working abroad becomes increasingly popular, speaking English next to a native language can be the major door opener despite one's other qualifications to live abroad and enjoy better employment conditions and salary than in one’s home country. Next to that, some careers hold opportunities for growth abroad that may not exist in one’s native country. To sum up, speaking a global language helps us humans to expand our horizons, to connect and learn from each other. We all have an abundance of knowledge to share, teach and learn from no matter where we are from or live. Speaking English opens that door for us. That door that leads to new experiences, education, knowledge and connection. Speaking one global language means that no matter where we are from, we can learn to understand each other, make friends, work together or even find love and that should be accessible for everyone.