Teach English in Lǜshui Zhongchuchang - Xing'an Meng — Hinggan

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To begin with, education is the most important part in one’s life. The kind of education one gets largely depends upon the kind of teacher one has. For example, based on my own experience during schooling days, some teachers are not that good, whereas some teachers are not that good. A teacher is a window through which many young people will make their future, so he/she has to be a fine role model. A teacher needs to show his/her confidence with the future, thereby a teacher can teach students how to believe in themselves. Moreover, a teacher is an individual who plays the most vital role in the development of any being. The future of every student depends on the qualities and dedication of a teacher. It is the teacher who creates an interests in learners to develop, progress and achieve whatever aims they set for themselves. For my point of view, every teacher wants to be good one, but what are the qualities what make a good teacher? I have spent a lot of time thinking about and a lot of research into this question. Haring read a lot of articles have found out that teachers should possess many qualities that closely related to the teaching values, which encompass the individual, social and professional characteristics and qualities of teacher. Teachers who possess these teaching values will be able to excel and teach efficiently as competent educator. A competent and professional teacher should possess individual qualities such as being patient, humorous, responsible, kindhearted, having confidence and leadership. In my opinion, among them, patience is the most important quality. It helps to work with students at their own pace, as we all learn differently and at varying speed. A patient teacher can control emotions approximately. Such teacher has emotional intelligence, whereby anger will never explode in any stresses. The next thing, I would confidently say that a good teacher should have high subject knowledge. There is a saying ‘’Teachers are only as good as what they know’’. If a teacher lacks knowledge in a subject dearth of understanding is passed along the students. If a tutor has communication skills: verbal, non-verbal, visual; which involve speaking, writing body language and the organization of ideas into understandable structure, they will be able to convey knowledge with better skills and results. Interestingly, not only communication skills are incredibly important in the classroom and in any setting. According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center most Americans view communication as the most important skill for long term success ‘’to get ahead in the world today’’. So by being good communicators, teachers are modeling important lifetime skills by example. I would like to pay attention to one more quality which is also very important to be a good teacher. He should be lively and entertaining. As we know, sense of humor is a key to surviving as a teacher. A person who is humorous and funny can reduce barriers and lighten the atmosphere especially during a heavy period by telling funny stories, joking and making the class more enjoyable. on the other hand, a good teacher has to be responsible to attach importance on his/her duties. Such teacher will always strive to work with full dedication to ensure their tasks in perfectly complete. Teachers with this attitude also have a true compassion for their students. They always care about their learners as individuals and want to help them when they need it. A good teacher treats a student on an equal bases with all members of the class. To sum it up the essential of teaching is very difficult to quality, but this one line leads. It says: “That which is essential cannot be seen with eyes, only with heart can one know it rightly”. Those characteristics and qualities listed above may be not enough, but they are the main criterions of a good teacher which is someone I am trying hard to come.