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Society is the mixture of assets from every single one in a community, or I should just say people make the society of what it is. This goes to show how the behavior of people can affect either positively or negatively in the society; hence the importance of education. But this latter of course does not just come from having policies and well trained professionals on the field, but it starts from within the homes and parents are the main guardians of their children’s success. So it is certainly very important that parents stay involved and dedicated to their children upbringing, but even more important they determine their responsibilities in the pupils’ education. In the following lines, we are going to put the emphasis on naming the different roles of parents in their children’s education, then develop on how they should encounter those roles before we explain the impact of how playing fully that role can affect their success. First of all, it should be very normal to define education as the process of helping kids from their early young age to their late teens, to acquire all the necessary tools in order to prepare them and help them be operational in the professional life, which can help them make a living and become good citizens and participate to the well being of their societies. But schools are not just the only workshop to train children and get them to be skillful. Before they reach the age of 4 or 5, they have to be mentored and loved and taught the very basic, and it is the responsibility of their parents to make sure that that get all those pre requisite before they get to be introduced to any other type of knowledge at school. Once they reach the age to go school and start a new journey of meeting their peers and learning to interact with them, then learning to open up to them, and ultimately learning to trust a certain father or mother figure that they will call teacher; that is exactly when parents’ role become even more important. Therefore it is crucial as a parent to know the weaknesses and fears of their children so they can help them overcome them, because our number one priority is to help them get the confident they need in order to feel comfortable in school. Parents should always make sure that their children do not have any difficulties at school, and if they do, it is our responsibility to help get better; hence the importance of homework. Teachers are only doing one part, and parents should do the other part as well. We should find time to walk our children through everything they do in schools at our houses, make sure they understand correctly and help them overcome any weaknesses they encounter in the classrooms. Children will learn and get even eager to know more when they trust you, and they can’t trust anybody else more that they will trust their parents. So it is important that parents know how much they mean to kids, so they can play fully their roles in the process of education. Everything starts from being confident, and generally the very first place children find refuge and away from negativity, is inside their homes. But now that we have determined the importance of playing fully our roles as parents, the main question remains, what are the ways we should put together to help children succeed in their education? Parents should not have any excuse as to why they are not involved and be aware of everything that their children are going through. But also they should find be educated and more than willing to be their children’s first teacher. You can’t help on homework if you are not educated. You can’t fully accomplish all your responsibilities if you don’t know the importance of school. We should not just send our children to school and maybe find them tutors in the house to help them with homework or other school things. I understand how busy we can be sometimes, but our children need to see how we are physically involved in their lives so they can have that trust and trust anybody else who is there to help them. We should from time to time go to the schools and meet with our kids’ teachers and principals and establish a good relationship with them. We should show our children that we are their first refuge and guidance and help. Only in doing so, that we can see them being fully willing to make efforts and at the same the find joy in what they are learning. It is our responsibilities to provide them with a stable familyhood, with love and affection but most importantly with our time. We should be aware of the simple fact that the success of our children is our personal business, and nobody else’s. Teachers play a huge role of course but can’t do it all by themselves. Lastly, I want to raise awareness on the fact that education is a very long and complex process. Children need every part to play their role and play it fully with effectiveness. Each party is important and interconnected to the other. One cannot go without the other. We need good teachers as well as we need conscient parents. And the success of our children depends on the involvement of each party.