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Teaching can be intimidating for new teachers and veterans. If an instructor walks into a classroom without a lesson plan, then chaos can run amuck. Students expect instructors to provide order throughout the classroom. Creating a Lesson plan can help ease the intimidation of teaching, and help instructors stay organized. Lesson planning can be an important part of the teaching process.There are many reasons why lesson planning can be essential for an instructor. An instructor can stay organized by keeping track of a lesson. One way an instructor can keep track of a lesson is through keeping a record. A lesson plan is one representation of a record. Lesson plans can help teachers review material that they have previously taught plus new material. It can be a lot easier to record material in a lesson plan than to come up with it from the top of the head. Life can be unpredictable. If a teacher has to substitute for someone or is in need of a substitute themselves then, they can easily follow the lesson plan left behind. Lesson plans can be very versatile. Once a teacher has established a lesson plan format it can be easy to shift things around. An instructor can tailor the lesson plan to better suite the needs of the students. A teacher can keep track of which lesson plans are more effective. Instructors can also use lesson plans to evaluate the students progress. Teachers can mold the lesson plan to help target the student’s strength and weakness. Lesson planning is good for moderating time. Teacher can plan out every minute of class time. This can help teachers become more productive during class hours. Teachers can ensure that they have enough time to accurately go over the material. Teacher can also add special time for questioning, or other calefactions the students might need. If an instructor decides to use the ESA method, lesson planning can help efficiently coordinate the steps. It can be simpler for a teacher to incorporate the ESA method into a lesson plan than to try to remember it themselves. Teacher can write out all of the activities, that they have planned for the engage, study, and activate stage. An instructor can also allocate a certain amount of time for each stage so that they can smoothly move the lesson along. There are many different ways to go about lesson planning. Lesson planning does not have to be very intricate. An instructor does not have to make a formal lesson plan. There are many other ways to go about lesson planning. Some instructors simply use outlines to guide their lesson. Instructors can also use index cards or post it notes to keep track of a lesson. It does not matter which system a teacher uses for a lesson plan as long as they are organized. Lesson plans help students and teachers become more efficient in the classroom. In conclusion the following reasons are why lesson planning is an important part of the teaching process.