Teach English in Tongkuang Guanliqu - Xing'an Meng — Hinggan

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In my memory of school, the first thing comes up to my mind is scary teachers. Perhaps this is the most common view of teachers in many of the Asian countries such as China,Korea, Japan, and etc. The class room contains around twenty to thirty students and this could be the reason why teachers decided to take full control in order to have a favorable environment for education. As a result, students were mostly quiet however often boired and not able to stay focused. Would it be enough to just provide the information on the chalkboard and lecture through the entire class? What is a job of a teacher? Should a teacher care about how to present the knowledge to students? I questioned myself when I started to teach English. I did not want to be the teachers that I had met growing up because I know that I did not really learn much in the class rooms. Before I had any experience of teaching, I did not think teaching would need any techniques, in fact, I had no idea if such thing existed. All I cared about was to know the teaching material well and present it well to the students. However, through my beginning teaching experience, I have learned that just presenting the materials is not enough and there must be a way of teaching it effectively and well. I have seen many students especially from grade 1 to grade 8 who are forced to come to English class and have no motivation of learning at all. Although these students are not majority of the class, they do influence the class atmosphere at some level. If all they do in class is to sit, listen to the teacher, and take notes only, even I would be bored and lose interest in lesson quickly. I believe that the purpose of education is not to entertain the students but to help to students to absorb the knowledge by communicating to them effectively. There are a lot of teaching skills that had been used by many great teachers and pedagogues because these professionals believed that teaching requires good skills and they can encourage students to learn and motivate them. I had great teachers who were very skilled to teach and their teaching motivated me to learn. As I was studying the ITTT course, I remember that a lot of units were spent to review the teaching skills and how they can be used effectively. The eye contact of a teacher, the use of voice tone, body language (gesture), comments, activities, and visual aids are all very important teaching skills that a teacher must obtain. In unit ten, there were two videos of an English teacher. In the first video, he did not use the skills well and just poured out the information that he needed to finish teaching in that day. In the second vide, he used the exact same unit with the same students but used the teaching techniques. Compared to the first video where students were very confused and were not able to fully engage with the lesson, the students in the second video were fully participating and seemed to understand what they are learning because the same teacher was alert of what the students need and used the teaching skills effectively. When a teacher does not know how to teach skillfully often the class is left in confusion and frustration. If a teacher knows how to teach effectively with good skills, there would be no students left out in the class or even if there are some students not able to catch up, they would be able to raise their voice because a skilled teacher would give them courage and comfort to ask questions. I use a good mixture of teaching techniques and always be alert with my students if they are able to engage and follow the class. It took me many years of teaching experience. I have failed at times becuase I was lack of the skill and lost the control of class which was very stressful to my students and myself as well. Having the knowledge of English is very important however if it is not communicated to students clearly then the knowledge is of no use. Therefore, teachers must be aware of teaching techniques and build their skills in teaching.